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Dream Vacation project 6th grade

My dream vacation! :)

Fiona Haggerty

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Dream Vacation project 6th grade

Washington D.C., USA By Fiona Haggerty My Dream Vacation Latitude 38° 54' North Longitude 77° 02' West Population 617,996 One land form: Potomac River One land mark: The White House Fun Facts:
1. D.C. stands for District of Columbia.
2. The District of Columbia was named
after the explorer Christopher Columbus. 3,506 miles to Lima, Peru Lima, Peru Latitude 12° 03' South Longitude 77° 02' West Population 7,506,742 Landform: Lima is on
the coast of Peru Landmark: Archbishop's
Palace of Lima Fun Facts:
1. Lima was founded January 18th 1535.
2. Lima is the biggest city in Peru. 6,746 miles to Vatican City Vatican City, Rome Latitude 41° 54' North Longitude 12° 27' East Population 829 Landmark: The Vatican Fun Facts:
1. The official currency of Vatican City is Euros.
2. The official language of Vatican City is Italian. Landform: Vatican city is
on the bank of the Tiber river Athens, Greece Latitude 37° 59' North Longitude 23° 44' East Population 3,238,000 Landform:Mountain/
Rocky terrain Landmark:Parthenon Funfacts:
1. The Parthenon was built to the goddess, Athena.
2. The Parthenon has been standing for 2000 years. 656 miles to Athens 696 miles to Cairo Cairo, Egypt Latitude 30° 03' North Longitude 31° 14' East Population 6,758,581 Landform: The Nile Landmark: The Pyramids Fun Facts:
1. It was founded in 969 AD.
2. It is the largest city in Africa. 5,955 miles to Tokyo Tokyo, Japan Latitude 35° 41' North Longitude 139° 42' East Population 8,731,000 Landform: Tokyo has lowland terrain. Landmark: The Tokyo Tower Fun Facts:
1. Tokyo became Japan's political center in 1603.
2. Tokyo is now one of the
most populous cities in the world. 4,843 miles to Sydney Sydney, Australia Latitude 33° 52' South Longitude 151° 12' East Population 4,504,469 Landform: Sydney is on the coast of Australia. Landmark: The Sydney Opera House Fun Facts:
1. Sydney was founded in 1788.
2. Sydney is Australia's most populous city. 10,537 miles to Paris Paris, France Latitude 48° 51' North Longitude 2° 20' East Population 12,161,542 Land form: Paris is on the bank of the Seine River. Landmark: The Eiffel Tower Fun Facts:
1. The area of Paris is 40.7 square miles.
2. Paris is the biggest city in France. ...And back home again The End
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