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Protection from Adverse Consequences for Inital Failures

No description

Sarah Fuller

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Protection from Adverse Consequences for Inital Failures

Examples Continued Summary Punishment
Fear of Trying
Fear of Failure
Grades Define A Person
Learning Stops When the Project is Over
Classroom Rules Ensure Safety
Life is Structured/Black and White
The Misconceptions What it Looks Like in the Classroom Flexible
Risk Taking
Freedom to Explore
Freedom to Express Ideas
Positive Feedback
Access to Resources Examples Providing multiple resources for students to access and express ideas and knowledge (writing, acting, technology, speeches, projects, etc.) Presented by Flight 5 Protection from Adverse Consequences
for Initial Failures. Students and parents feel that the school as well as each classroom is a physically and
psychologically safe place. Success is expected and failure is understood as a necessary part of
learning, there is mutual respect between and among faculty and students, and the fear of harm
or harassment from fellow students and demeaning comments from teachers is negligible. Classroom Contract - Students assist in making rules for classroom and up hold the responsibility of their actions and learning Positive Feedback - Teachers set the tone and encourage students to do the same Multiple Opportunities for Students to Succeed Respect other's ideas and embrace differences There is more than one way to achieve the goal
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