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Futsal Skill Acquisition

No description

Ali McPherson

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Futsal Skill Acquisition

Cognitive, Associative, Autonomous?
- A modified form of soccer played with five players per side on a smaller, typically indoor, pitch
- Portuguese word meaning "Hall Football"
- Started in 1930
Career in Futsal?
Skill Acquisition
- improving our futsal abilities in this area
- the ability to learn, develop and control skills to perform better in the chosen sport (futsal)
Drills and Skills
What is Futsal?
Dribbling Trial 1
Trials 2 & 3
Futsal Skill Acquisition
Motor Skill
- An activity that involves muscular movement to complete a complex task
- to improve technique:
open and closed skill drills inc:
*dribbling and passing to a partner
*short 5-a-side games
- these moved me onto associative stage where understanding put into practice
- by doing drills repeatedly - massed practice
- after leaving for a week evident distributive
*participated in a drill but left for longer than activity itself
- mass practice in class proved to be very
*each time learnt how to correct my dribbling technique to improve
my playing ability
- after 1 lesson of closed massed practice
- not very good
- couldn't:
*move ball through markers
*kick straight
*stop and change direction
*keep within a foot length in front
- receiving time: 1:25 - said would never improve - no skill
My Skill Level and Capabilities
- I had no prior experience of soccer or futsal before started learning the techniques and skills needed
- lack of skill came to show in first trial
*could barely control the ball
*needed to go back around markers
- in first lesson, cognitive stage
*understood the concept of lightly tapping ball each step
*aware of the difficulty of this simple
- weeks progressed & began open massed practice - idea changed
- could feel myself improving - showed in the 2nd trial receiving time 25 seconds faster than previous
- short five-a-side games played contributed to my improvement
- much easy to understand when put in the situation
- tended not to involve myself in the games in the beginning but then started to more and more
- third trial: 45 seconds
- 39 second difference from original time due to repetitious closed mass combined with open mass drills
- feel have reached associative stage as can:
*move ball through markers
*kick straight
*stop and change direction
- still difficult to keep within a foot length in front
- trust that with more training will be able to dribble with more control
- made immense amounts of improvement from starting week
- Despite my lack of confidence able to amend techniques and improve skill level
- help of positive feedback combined with open and closed massed practice
- moved from cognitive to associative
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