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Copy of Goodnight Mr Tom - Year 7

No description

Hilary Barker

on 28 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Goodnight Mr Tom - Year 7

Willie Beech - Character Journey
Our First Impressions of Willie
(Chapters 1 - 3)

Major Question: What are our
first impressions of Willie?
Big Changes in Willie's Life
Major Question:
What is the main
focus of these
chapters and why
is it important to
It was all going so well!
Major Question: Where is 'Home' for William?
William's Recovery and What it tells us about his Character Development
Major Question: How do certain characters help
William's recovery?
Comparing Willie
to William

Major Question: Why do you think
Willie is the way he is?
What changes?
(Chapters 4 & 5)
Why are these changes important to Willie?
(Chapters 6 - 10)
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Why do you
think the
included these
at this stage in
the novel?
A Key Moment!
(Chapter 11)
Major Question: Why is this chapter a key moment in the novel?
Have you noticed anything special about the location of these chapters?
What could the author be trying to tell us?
A Key Moment!
(Chapter 12)
Major Question: Why is this chapter a key moment in the novel?
Let's Recap: What are our Impressions of Willie at the Halfway Mark?
Major Question: What is Willie like now?
Major Question: How has he changed?
Major Question: Why does William's mother lock him under the stairs?
Major Question: Why does Tom go to London to find William?
(Chapters 15 - 17)
Major Question: Was Tom right to kidnap WIlliam? Why?
What has happened to William?
William has undegone a profound change in London - Dr Little says 'It's the wounds inside that will take the longest to heal' - What does he mean? What has happened to William?
What the
Quote means?:
What has happened
to William?:
(Chapters 18 - 20)
Major Question: What shift has taken place in Tom and William's relationship?
What does it mean for William?
What does William's mother's death mean to him?
What do you think it tell us about his character?
How does Zach's death affect William?
Why did the author kill Zach?
We have accompanied Willie on his journey to becoming William. What are the major changes you have noticed?
What lessons have you learned from the development of William's character?
The flames in the range flickered and danced before his eyes, crackling in sudden bursts though not in a venomous way. He felt that it was a friendly crackle.
'The graveyard and cottage with its garden were surrounded by a rough stone wall, except for where the back of the church stood. Green moss and wild flowers sprang through the grey stonework. Between the graves lay a small, neat flagstoned pathway down the centre. It broke off in two directions: one towards a large gate on the left where the other children had waited and one leading to the back entrance of a small church on his right.'
There is a metaphor here - it relates to Willie's past and future. Can you spot it?
'Willie spent the evening with Tom, washing and bottling the blackberries and eating some of them for supper. He sank into an even deeper sleep that night with the knowledge that he, Willie Beech, had survived a whole day with four other people his own age and he had made jam.'
Write about a time when you enjoyed a day with friends.

Why is friendship so important?
Willie returns from the happiness of the countryside to the misery, poverty and cruelty of London life with his mother. What is the author telling us about the difference between country and city life at the time?

Can you think of another text that has highlighted this difference and made it a central theme?

Write a poem from Willie's point of view highlighting the difference between life with Mr Tom and life with his mother. Remember to include figurative language.
'Goodnight Mister Tom' is an example of what kind of text?
From what point of view is it told?
Where is it set?
How do we know?
Can you find and copy out an example of this type of narration?
In front of the range stood the large copper tub. Tom was pouring hot water into it while Sam was hiding under the table and eyeing it suspiciously.
'Don't worry, Sam. It ent for you.'
He looked down at Willie. 'You'll be stiff tomorrer.
Best have a good soak.'
Willie stared in horror at the bubbling water and backed towards the table. He watched Tom lift two more saucepans from the range and empty them together with a handful of salt into the tub.
'Come on then,' he said.
'Is it fer me clothes, Mister Tom?'
'It's fer you.'
Willie swallowed. Please, mister. I can't swim. I'll drown.'
'Ent you never . . .' but he stopped himself. It was a stupid question. 'You don't put yer head under. You sit in it, washes yerself and has a little lean back.'
The above extract is an example of

Let's look at some of the features of

Now imagine a scene between two characters.
One character is like Willie - s/he has never done something before and is afraid.
The other character is like Tom - s/he has done the thing before and knows there is nothing to fear.

Write a short piece that includes
between the two characters.
How does the author create the setting of Tom's house and the area around it?

How does Willie feel about his new surrounds?

How do we know this?

Look at the end of Chapter 16 / start of Chapter 17

What key words are used to create the setting & atmosphere in London?

Compare how the author has created the setting of Willie's mother's house in London with how she created the setting of Mister Tom's house in Chapter 1.
One of his socks slid halfway down his leg, revealing a large multicoloured bruise on his shin and a swollen red sore beside.
'That's a nasty ole thing,' Tom said, pointing to it. 'What gave you that?' Willie paled and pulled the sock up quickly.
'Best drink that afore it gits cold,' said Tom, sensing that the subject needed to be changed.


He noticed another bruise on the boy's thigh, but said nothing.
What does this extract tell us about Willie?

What does it tell us about Mister Tom?
What do you think is the significance of the first word of the novel?
'The apparel oft proclaims the man'

Clothes are important: What do Willie's clothes tell us about him?
Text types!
In pairs:
* Each describe the clothes and appearance of a
made-up character in less than 100 words.
* Swap work and each write down the kind of
person described by the other.
Something happens to change things
Tension builds - often characters face several difficulties
Conflict arises
A high point is reached
Denouement - things begin to wind down - often there is another, smaller complication or difficult event
Resolution - Things working out
Plot Structure
Can you match events in the novel with this standard structure?
What themes are present in 'Goodnight Mister Tom'?
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