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2014 Operations Strategic Planning Meeting

No description

Andy Stepchinski

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Operations Strategic Planning Meeting

2014 Strategic Planning Meeting
Offer an Inspiring Client Service Experience.
On Time Delivery
There are two issues that we often hear at PCI that will make a client angry - being late or the information being wrong.

With the addition of the new DCA, data quality is at an all-time high and we have not yet plateaued in that area - new tools and improvements are being added daily.

The area we must work on as company is adherence to the deadlines that we provide clients at the beginning of each project. When we hit these dates, we build a trust that will last far beyond one project. If a client trusts you they will refer you to others...
Continue Building a Culture that Inspires Others
One of the major keys to PCI's success is its culture, which truly attracts the right type of associate - the type of associate that inspires others.

If we can keep the mindset that fosters trust and inspires each of our clients through every interaction, PCI will gain unstoppable momentum in 2014.

All customers have an expectation of how they think a project should go and how the interactions with us will take place. To offer an inspiring client-service experience, we, as a company, must anticipate these expectations and provide interactions that go well above what is expected so that the entire experience falls into the realm of inspiring.
Through the Looking Glass
A look into PCI's client experience --past, present, and future.

Areas to cover:
Inspiring and fostering trust.
What needs improving.
What have we done well.
The client experience per department.
Ideas for the future. (Open for Discussion)
Data Returns
Photo Sections
Cover and Intro
Proofs and Finals
1. 1st Step email.

2. 1st Step call.

3. Follow up to retrieve art.

4. Printer prep and approval.
• Different clients will have different ways of loading and using data, and we must send them data returns they are able to use.
• We must stay on schedule.

Current Process
Pros and Cons
Client Interactions
Template Approval - introduction, general overview of Photo Section Project, what to expect, and template changes/approval.
Section Changes - changes can be done by phone or email depending on technological limits of the client.
Follow up - any attempt to contact a client if we are still needing anything from them.
Final Approval - final written approval needed on a section before it can print.
(Pro) When the client is contacted, they receive full information on what they'll receive and what is needed on their end.
(Pro) We conform to the clients limitations to best serve them and get their items to them in a timely manner.
(Con) Piecemeal Communication - clients receive communication from several points of contact for different items throughout the project. Photo Sections are yet another new person to contact for the client.
(Con) Incompatible Technology - Macs/PC's, IE vs Google Chrome, Firewalls, FogBugz, etc.
Confusion over who is the correct point of contact.
Emails are too long and majority of clients skim over them, but do not read.
Failing to meet the dates that we give them at the beginning of the project.
Clients look at the dates as a goal, but not mandatory and with no urgency, primarily because we are not hitting the dates that we tell them.

We must hit every date on the timeline or our ability to earn the client's trust and give them an inspiring experience will be lost.
Is everything
clear as mud?
Absolutely! I'll just
ask you to repeat
all this in 6 months.
Overview of current process:
Opportunities for improvement:

1. 1st Step Email too long

2. File transfer difficult and unreliable

Special Thanks for the
client Insights provided by:

Jane Heaton - Uni
Katie Hennessy - Dominican
Sharon Rein - Dwight-Englewood
Tracy Holley & Kathi Renick - Ferrum
Chris Kontalonis - Kappa Sigma
Jan Koopman - Concordia, NE
Kathleen Eastman - Centenary

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