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Whats The Expenses of owning a car

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ayyan mir

on 11 November 2016

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Transcript of Whats The Expenses of owning a car

Why is it important to budget when purchasing a car
So you dont end up in debt
you spend too much and end up not being able ro afford it so you sell it
to not go broke
to learn how to invest properly
your future

How Do Cars Help
make travelling easier
ca transport more at a time
people can get jobs such as a driver , taxi,uber.police, race car
things can be delivered to you
paramdics and police
Did you know USA Today reports that there were about 210 million licensed drivers in the United States as of 2010. Of these, 105.7 million are women and 104.3 million are men, the first time more women than men have had driver's licenses since the mid-1990s.
interact true or false questions
Hybrid cars are better then gas
insurance is free
electric cars take gas
you have to be 16 to get ur G1
cars give jobs
68 percent of canadians can drive
what car u should Buy on what u need
If ur eco friendly a hybrid would be good its uses way less gas
or a electric car if your really eco
a pickup truck for contruction
a low ga car if you commute so its less money on gas example the eco mode in the honda civic
Insurance on Cars
Women pay less for insurance its because ,gender plays a huge role it is one of many factors your insurer takes into account when calculating your premium. Why that matter because women drive alot less then men. that means less car acciendents, duy's.Women are also more safe drivers, they tend not to speed and take risks.
Whats The Expenses of owning a car BY: Ayyan M
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