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Star Wars technology

A Life Skills research project on the technology used in the fictional Star Wars galaxy.

Jean-Luc Botbyl

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Star Wars technology

Star Wars Technology Super-Weapons Bio-Technology Weapons Ships Ship-Makers Kuat Drive Yards logo Imperial Star Destroyer hi hi The main producer of super-weapons in the Star Wars galaxy was the Empire. They produced the Death Star. The Death Star had a superlaser capable of blowing up planets. They created these weapons in the Maw Cluster. Other weapons included the sun Crusher, world Devestator, and Galaxy Gun. The Sun Crusher carried mssiles capable of blowing up stars and suns. The World Devestators stripped planets of their natural resources and used them to create weapons The Galaxy Gun fired projectiles through hyperspace that could destroy a planet. The main faction that used bio weapons were the Yuuzhan Vong. Their shapers coaxed ships and weapons out of living material. Thhey created their ships, nicknamed coralskipper, from coral They used bio-engineered vines to create their main weapon, the amphistaff. Biological warfare has not been absent from the Star Wars galaxy, however. The Alpha Red virus was created to target Yuuzhan Vong. The Imperial Remnant created a virus that would target Boba Fett Most weapons were plama weapons. Weapons varied in size and shape.

They ranged from hand blasters to blaster rifles to repeating blasters Some well known weapons are: The DC-15 The DL-22 The DL-44 Ships vary in size and shape. Ships include: The X-wing fighter The Y-Wing fighter The Nebulon-B frigate TIE Fighter The Millenium Falcon The Millenium Falcon The Millenium Falcon With all the high tech ships and vehicles being created, thre have to be people to make them, including: Kuat Drive Yards, who produced most of the Republic's weapons during the Clone Wars. Kuat Drive Yard's Star Destroyers Rothana Heavy Engineering, who creted heavy vehicles for the Empire and Republic. AT-TE The End Star Wars forever!!!
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