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Recruitment Orientation

Sorority Recruitment for Fall 2012

Allison Everett

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Recruitment Orientation

Recruitment Orientation
Fall 2012 Scholarship Why Go Greek? Leadership Service Exec 2012 On average, Greeks have higher GPAs than campus averages
Sister support
Minimum Chapter GPAs Friendship Powder Puff Relay For Life NYU Sororities Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Phi Zeta Delta Phi Epsilon Kappa Kappa Gamma Theta Phi Beta Pi Beta Phi September 8th - 13th Formal Recruitment 2012 Round Robin: Saturday, Sept. 8th Sisterhood Night: Sunday, Sept. 9th Philanthropy Night: Tuesday, Sept. 11th Preference Night: Wednesday, Sept. 12th Bid Day: Thursday, Sept. 13th Important Recruitment Information Badge Day at The Today Show Lip Sync Zeta Tau Alpha Lip Sync You + Your Rho Gamma Rules to Know No Booze or Boys No gifts Keep it brief No Promises Period of Silence No takebacks Quick Tips Dress comfortably Make your own choices Get plenty of sleep Don't be afraid to ask questions Be Yourself! What Should I Wear? Round One:
Very casual
Round Two:
Round Three:
Nice dinner attire
Preference Night
Bid Day
Shorts and a T-Shirt PB&J Making
for the Homeless *Last year Greek Life raised over $90,000 for the American Cancer Society! Last year, 4 of Washington Square's 15 Most Influential Students were Greek. New opportunities like the Leadership Institute. Happy recruitment!
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