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The Witch of Blackbird Pond final project.

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fk604 blue

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The Witch of Blackbird Pond final project.

The Witch Of Blackbird Pond
The author of The Witch of Blackbird Pond is Elizabeth George Speare. She lived from 1908-1994. She had lived all her life in England but loved to travel. In 1936 she moved to Connecticut. She was well known for her books. She used to write books about history and were children books.Another great book she wrote is called The Sign of the Beaver. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Smith College and a master’s degree in English from Boston University. She also taught high school until 1936 when she moved to Connecticut.
Here are some of the main characters and a little bit about them:
Kit Tyler- She is very kind and thinks of others. She is 16 years old. She now lives in Connecticut after her grandfather passed away.
Aunt Rachel- She is Kits aunt. She is living there now in her house.
Judith- She is Aunt Rachel's daughter ( Kits cousin)
Mercy- She is Judith's sister and aunt Rachel's daughter ( also Kits cousin)
Grandfather- Kit's grandfather who died.
Uncle Matthew- He is Kit's Uncle. He is mostly in charge of the house.
Hannah- She is known as the Witch of Blackbird Pond.
Nat Eaton- Kit meets him on the Dolphin and falls in love with him. They marry each other.
John- Mercy's husband.
William- Judith's husband.
The Author
The main characters
I personally think that Witch of Blackbird Pond wasn't that good. I like action books, and comedy's. The Witch of Blackbird Pond wasn't any of those. It was serious, and was a little romantic. It had advanced vocabulary and was hard to comprehend. I know that I am in grade six and I should understand. However, it is really hard to understand most of the words. That is why being the vocabulary enricher was really easy. I would say that The Witch of Blackbird Pond is not meant for kids under grade 7. If I were to rate this book out of five stars I would give it 2 stars. If I were to rate this out of 10 then I would give it a 5 out of 10. The reason why is because it was hard for me to finish the book. I found the book not interesting and hard to understand. What was the point of reading a book if you cant understand it? In conclusion I would say I didn't like the book.
As most of you know I have my own talk show called Late night with Fateh. Late night with Fateh is a hit talk show and invited one of the most popular celebrities. So I decided to invite Kit Tyler to my talk show and share to us more about her exploits. The viewers really loved it. Kit told us her own opinions and everything. She was a very sophisticated and well-mannered person. I really learned a lot from her. She was very optimistic. No matter how things went she always looks on the positive side. I think more people in the world should be like her. She was really close to her grandfather and misses him a lot. That was the saddest part. She told her stories of when she had so much fun with her grandfather. She told something that wasn't in the book. Something that shocked all of us. Kit was a real witch. The whole crowd gasped. She was accused of witch craft but she got her way out of it without getting anyone suspicious. Kit played that really well. She proved it by turning a chicken into a human. That was why there was a black out. I am only stating this because I know this is a private project. Kit was very scary. She revealed her real face in front of us. She really was a witch! I think that was enough learning about Kit Tyler. The show ended and we thanked her.
My Interview
Hi, my name is Fateh. For my final project I chose Book talk. My Literature Circle group is The Witch Of Blackbird Pond. I will be talking about these topics in my final project:
The author
The main characters
A summary of the book
my review of the book and what ratings I would give it
Some pictures and videos
Lastly my references
I chose this city theme because it shows that Kit moved from one place to the other. Therefore, this city theme represents kit moving from her grandpa's house to Connecticut. Lets begin the tour of this city! I hope you enjoy!
My Review
These are some videos I found on YouTube that are about Elizabeth George Speare and some of her books.
Kit Tyler is sailing on the Dolphin. She is moving from her grandfathers house to her aunt Rachel's house all the way in Connecticut. She used to live in with her grandfather until he died. It was her first time going to her aunts house.
After a few days they reached Connecticut. Kit wasn't pleased at all with her first glimpse of America. It was very gloomy and not like her hometown at all. Suddenly she heard a distant cry. When she looked she saw a little girl crying. She was crying because her dolly fell off of the boat and into the water. She was begging her mom to get it. She said that I'll never drop it again. Her grandfather made it for her. Kit couldn't stand seeing that. She dived into the water and got the doll. She swam back and gave the doll to the little girl.When she got out of the water she heard that people were accusing her of being a witch. She ignored it because she knew she wasn't a witch, just a good swimmer. She changed her clothes and got ready to go to her aunts house.
When she reached her house it was very small. Her aunt was very nice. One of her 2 cousins (Mercy) was nice and the other (Judith) wasn't that nice. She had to start doing chores the next day. Her uncle wasn't as nice as her aunt. He was really strict. Kit was like a bird that came in the wrong part of the world. She didn't like it at all. She had to do everything they did. Including going to church But she didn't want to. Since her uncle was really strict, she had to.
Judith really liked William but William liked Kit. He thought that she was really fancy. He asked uncle Mathew if he could come over to ask for Kit. He agreed. Judith didn't mind as much because she got her eye on John Holbrook. When she saw him at church.
One day when Kit was working in the fields Kit saw a women by the pond. Her name was Hannah Tupper. Kit thought that Hannah could be mistaken as a witch because the mark that she has on her forehead. It looks like a lightening mark. She was mistaken as a witch. That is why she is really lonely.
Later on, Mercy and Kit run a schoolroom. Kit is actually really excited about that. Every thing was going well, they were doing everything they were told to do, until they playact a play from the bible. on that same day the headmaster comes. He didn't like what he saw. He fires kit and almost suspended Mercy. Kit ran away to the fields. Then Hannah takes Kit into her house and gives her some cake. Hannah was nice and encouraged Kit. So, kit went to the headmaster and asked him to not suspend Mercy. He agreed. He also gave kit her job back.
One day Kit saw the girl who's doll she saved. Her mom wouldn't let her join the school so Kit convince the girl to give her private lessons. Mean while Uncle Mathew found out that Kit was meeting Hannah and he told her that she could never see her again. However, Kit finds out that Mercy and John love each other and he will soon propose. When he does propose Judith takes over and she agreed to marry him. Kit runs into Nat. He was delivering windows for William Ashby. They play a prank on him. That prank ends up banning all lanterns.
A very bad thing happened. There was a really bad fever going on. Kit, Judith, and Mercy all get sick. The towns people were looking for someone to blame. The blamed Hannah. They said that she was a witch and cursed the town. That was not true! Kit got to the field on time and helped Hannah escape on the Dolphin. Nat also helps.
The fever that Mercy had got cured. However, Kit is put on trial for being a witch. Uncle Mathew helps Kit but nobody else wants to help her. Luckily, the girl who kit taught secretly testified on her behalf and she was freed.
Kit called of the wedding. Judith and William got married and Mercy and John got married and Kit and Nat got married. Together everyone lived happily ever after.
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