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Summary of Medea


jessi robertson

on 17 May 2009

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Transcript of Summary of Medea

a summarY By Jessi Robertson and Emily Di Stefano PROLOGUE
The nurse tells the story of Jason's betrayal to Medea, by leaving her for a new bride. The nurse then describes that she is fearful of Medea's rage and what she might do to the children because of it. The tutor then reveals of Jasons plans to have Medea and her two children exiled.
The Corithian women express
their love and concern for
Medea, in contrast to the
nurses views, seeking to
comfort her.
Medea starts to plan her revenge for Jason and his new wife and seeks the Chorus' consent on this planned revenge. She is exiled with her sons by Creon, as his daughter is the one to be marrying Jason. Creon is fearful for his family and himself as he knows what Medea is capable of. Medea however convinces him that she does not have any hatred for him or his daughter so he grants her a days grace.
The chorus among themselves discuss
how Jasons unfaithfullness indicate
men no longer honour traditional oaths.
They think that the time is coming when
woman will now be honoured.
Second Episode
Jason accuses Medea of causing her own bashiment because of the threats she made towards the royal family, still tryng to come across as a good man. Medea, in retelliation accuses him of betraying the Gods and laws. Jason still trys to convince Medea that he is supporting his family and Medea is outraged.
The chorus then reflects their opinions on the dangers of love shown in Medea and Jasons fight.

The chorus pay tribute to Athens yet question how they could welcome a child murderer as Medea looks at her children and can contemplate killing them.

Aegeus, the king of Athens comes to visit Medea and she tells him of Jasons betrayal and how she is beign exiled. Aegeus than offers Medea a place to stay and promises her that he will not give her up to her enermies. Medea strategically made Aegeus promise on this on the Gods.

Medea talks to Jason once more and pretends to regret her anger and forgive him. She askes Jason to seek permission to keep her sons in Corinth with him, evidently setting up her plans of revenge. She sends a gift of a poisened golden gown to Jasons new wife planning it will kill her.

The chorus realise all hope is gone and predict certain death for Medeas children and Jasons new wife.
When Medeas quest is granted for her children to live with Jason
she is suddenly torn between her meternal love and her passion
for revenge. She however is not weakened on her mission and after she
recieves the news that Jasons wife and the King of Corinth has died
she decides to conclude her revenge for Jason. She does this by killing
her two children.

The chorus pray and express their
dissapointment and pure sadness
that Medea has decided to take such lives.

Jason arrives in an attempt to protect his children but he is too late and by the time he reaches the house their bodies are already revealed. Medea and Jason and argue as he cant believe he killed their children. He asks to bury the bodies in a final attempt to say goodbye but Medea does not grant him this so he can suffer more. SECOND EPISODE PARADOS FIRST EPISODE

FIRST STASIMON SECOND STASIMON THIRD EPISODE THIRD STASIMON FOURTH EPISODE FOURTH STASIMON FIFTH EPISODE FIFTH STASIMON Exodus Prologue Jason and Medea confront eachother and he accuses her of causing her own banishment by her threats against the royal family. Jasom offers to help Medea financially and insists he is still the good guy. Medea is enraged in his lack of shame towards his actions. By Jessi Robertson and Emily Di Stefano
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