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Dream Pillow

No description

Kimberly Enriquez

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Dream Pillow

Do you always forget your dreams? Well now you can RECORD your dreams!
Now let's talk physics
This invention involves lots of physics not only because of the technology but the pillow itself
1.Uses Newton's Third Law
2. Uses Newton's First Law
3. Uses Newton's Second Law
Dream Pillow
Brought to you by: KimberlyInc.

1. It can make your life happier
2. Remember important information in your dreams
3. An idea in your dream can change the world (you can possibly be the next Enstien.)
4. Your dreams may tell you something
5. WHO doesn't want to record their dreams.
6. You can prevent forgotten dreams.
Why do we need this?
1. Fabric
2. Comfy stuffing
3. Thread
4. Technology (Tiny camcorder, tiny sensor, Tiny Projector, button that controls those things)
This invention would take about 3 or 4 years. Considering the tech work for the pillow.
Getting into Detail!
Newton's Second Law
Means everything you touch touches you back with an equal and opposite reaction. Which relates to the pillow because when you touch the pillow, the pillow touches you back with the equal and opposite force and that force cause to activate the sensor and it causes the pillow to record your dreams.
Newton's Third Law
The heavier the object is the more force needs to be exerted to get the object to accelerate. It involves the pillow in relation that the lighter your head is the more force you will need to apply to the pillow so the sensor can activate the camcorder to record your dreams.
Newton's First Law
Means that an object at rest stays at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force. It involves the pillow because the pillow will stay at rest and keep recording unless you the outside force removes your head that cause the pillow to stop recording your dreams.
How will the Dream Pillow affect you?
It can affect you in man ways but I feel the 2 major ways it can affect you is happiness because you can have an amazing dream and you would be able to re watch it again. It can also have a dream that may spark an idea for something amazing and you would be able to watch the idea and use it for thing in life perhaps a
school project, a job, ect. Your idea might also affect the community.
1. It is a comfortable pillow
2.Learn new things
3.Never forget a dream
4. Could be a big seller
5. It can maybe make you happier
6. Make you keep dreaming and follow those dreams
1. A bit pricey
2. Nightmares being recorded
3. Drooling can cause possible shocking
I will know my invention is a
success because once it is out
people would be ordering it write away and I would make a lot of money. Also the rate of people's dreams becoming reality and creating happiness and education.
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