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Eye Glasses

No description

Allie Strottman

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Eye Glasses

Innovation of Eyeglasses
By: Jaclyn Simons and Scott Laubengayer
Block 2 I.E.D.

First eyeglasses made by Salvino D'armate in 1284
People needed to see small things better and they were also used for eye protection
Frame was made from quartz and bone
Made by hand
Everyday people with eyesight issues used them
Brow Line Glasses

First Pair of Glasses Ever Seen
First Pair of Bifocals Ever Seen
First pair of Sunglasses Ever Seen
First Pair of Contacts Ever Seen
First Pair of Brow Line Glasses Ever Seen
Timeline of Events
Armless Eye Glasses
In the 1930's sunglasses became popular for the first time.
Although sunglasses were invented before, in 1913, Sir William Crookes of England, invented the first pair of sunglasses that could absorb both infrared, and ultraviolet light.
During WWII (1939-1945) sunglasses were made for military pilots.
Scissor Spectacles
First made in Germany by S.M. Hoffman in 1750.
Normally used to correct distance-vision.
Two lenses in a Y shaped form.
Handle or chain sometimes attached to them.
Made from many different materials.
Napoleon had a pair to correct his Myopia.

Very popular in the 1950s and 1960s.
First pair manufactured by Jack Rohrbach in 1947.
Upper portion of the frame was thicker than the lower portion of the glasses.
Made from plastic
Came in may different shapes, sizes, and colors.
Nowadays they are just making innovations or improvements to the brow line glasses. They are making the glasses lighter and more fashionable every single day. Also there are now 3-D glasses for movies theaters and many TVs.
In 1508 Leonardo da Vinci illustrated the concept of contact lenses
1887: First pair of contact lenses made from glass, and covered the whole eye.
1939: First pair of contact lenses made from plastic to only cover the eye's cornea.
1971: Introduction to soft contact lenses.
1996: Introduction to one-day disposable contact lenses.
2002: Silicone-hydrogel contact lenses first marketed.
2010: Custom manufactured silicone-hydrogel lenses became available
Patents on Eyeglasses
On the first pair of eyeglasses made by Salvino D'Armate, there was a patent made by the people of his city. They made a statue stating the date they were invented and a picture of him and he signed it. The statue is no longer there today giving it was almost 800 years ago. Nowadays people place patents on whatever they build if it wasnt invented already.
What Discipline of Engineering Was Most Essential to the First Pair of Eye Glasses?
We believe mechanical engineering was most important in the making of the first pair of eye glasses. Mainly because the structure in building them is more mechanical engineering and drawing the design up.
Major Changes in Product
There have been many major changes in the "average" pair of glasses. The first pair of glasses didn't even have arms on them so they could rest on your ear, you just had to hold them. Eye Glasses are going to keep changing for the better in the future years.
Impact on Society
Glasses evolved from being a reading tool to a fashion statement throughout the past few centuries. They are now used by average everyday people with eyesight issues.
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1.Define and differentiate invention and innovation.
2.What were the major factors that contributed to past innovations of the invention that you researched?
3.How has the pace of development changed through the history of the design?
4.What future innovations to the chosen invention do you predict?

Invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1784
Two different prescriptions on one pair of glasses by cutting two different lenses in half and putting them together
Broader range of vision
Don't have to carry
more than one pair of
glasses around
Problems: Caused
headaches an
Question 1
An invention is when something first comes out, were as an innovation is the changes or improvements made over time.
Question 2
The factors with the past innovations, was that people were trying to come up with new ideas, that were either already made, or they didn't have the materials to make them.
Question 3
The pace for newer innovations is a little slower than people would imagine. With all the eye care we have now, there doesn't really need to be many innovations, so the pace for new innovations are pretty slow.
Question 4
I predict that there will be one pair of glasses that has different lenses, that are able to be carried around so you basically have all your glasses you need in one pair of glasses.
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