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Harry potter

No description

Magali Santos

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Harry potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Summary." Shmoop.com. Shmoop University, Inc., 11 Nov. 2008. Web. 25 Sept. 2015.
Work Cited
Harry Potter lives with his aunt and uncle, that have treated him poorly. Also his cousin Dudley who isn't very fond of Harry either. The family takes a trip to the zoo , were harry speaks to a snake. The snake frees himself from the cage were he was held. Harry was suprised by his actions. Later on Harry starts recieving letters. Harry's uncle didn't alow him to recieve any of the letters, then at a faster pace letters were coming from out of nowhere. Before his eleventh birthday his uncle took them to a deserted island , were no more letters would show up. Hagrid had shown up to take Harry to Hogwarts. On his way there he meets a friend by the name of Ron wesealy. Harry and Ron meet a girl named Hermione. The three were face to face to a three headed monster. After escaping the monster , they weren't getting along as well. Until they saved Hermoine from a troll. Lord Voldemort tried to use Harry to get to the Sorcerer's Stone, but failed. Griffindor won points, because of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. The year ended with amazing expirences for Harry Potter.
Harry spends his summer with the Durselys. A house-elf named Dobby came to warn Harry about returning to Hogwarts. Harry discards the warnings , but Dobby releases a gas that makes the Durselys inflate. The Durselys locked Harry up in his room. His friend Ron comes to rescue him. When Harry and Ron try to get through the magic portal they are unable to. They end up taking Ron's dad's car. There has been attacks occuring at hogwarts. Hermione , Ron, and Harry make a potion to make Draco Malfoy talk. After a while the attacks stopped. They find that Hermione was frozen and they find a piece of paper in her hand. Hagrid tells the boys to follow the spiders to the Chamber of Secrets. Harry enters the chamber and finds Ginny lying still. He figures out that Ginny was inchanted by the book, and that the younger verison of Voldemort was controling her. Harry calls for Dumbledore and then a magic hat and a pheonix appear. Harry stabs the snake with a fang. Ginny wakes up and harry explans everything. Harry explains his adventure to Dumbledore.Harry frees Dobby by tricking Lucius Malfoy into giving Dobby a sock. Harry is back to Durselys for another summer.
"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets." SparkNotes. SparkNotes, n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2015
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry's aunt Marge comes to visit. After she arrives , aunt Marge starts to talk about Harry's parents. She insualts Harry's parents and so he accidentally inflated her. Harry storms out of the house. A magical bus picks harry up and takes him to Diagon Alley. Where he finds his friends Hermione and Ron, who were arguing about Hermione's cat trying to eat Ron's rat. While on the train to Hogwarts Harry is attacked by a Dementor . Later he is rivied by professor Lupin. Harry wasn't allowed to visit Hogsmeade , so he and professor Lupin talked about how he couldn't fight the Boggart. It might have taken the shape of Voldemort. Fred and George Weasaly give a map to harry were he rejoins Ron and Hermione at the Hosmeade. After the holidays Harry works with professor Lupin to fight the Dementors. Hagrids bird is about to be excuted. For hurting Draco Malfoy. Ron , Hermione , and Harry all come down to see . They hid behind a pumkin patch and had seen the excution commence. A black dog took Ron under the Whomping Willow tree. Harry and Hermione run after him. The dog changes into Sirus black. Before Harry can avenge his parents deaths , professor Lupin enters the room . Lupin and Black exchange a series of nods and embrace. They explain everything to harry. Soon after Ron's rat turns into Peter Pettigrew , the one who betrayed Harry's parents. They all run after him and professor Lupin turns into an uncontrollable werewolf. Sirus turns back into a dog and trys to stop him. Harry and Hermione take Ron back to the infermary. Dumbledore tells Hermione to use the nicklace. Harry and hermione time traval to save BuckBeak (The bird). They save him and go back to the fighting werewofls and hermione makes a noise to distract professor Lupin from hurting Harry. They go back,to help Sirus Black escape from prison . He takes BuckBeak and flees . Before he does he said that he and harry will one day live together and be happy because he is Harry's godfatherl.
Harry , Ron , and Hermione all travel to the Quidditch World Cup. They use a TouchStone to warp there. The Weaselys , Harry, Ron, Hermione , all start building their tents. A group of Death Eaters start to tortuer Muggles and soon enough put fire to everything. Everyone runs to the woods for safety. When they arrive to Hogwarts Harry's name was enter into the Quidditch World Cup. There was only supose to be only one entery. Everyone thought that Harry cheated. For the first task he has to take care of a golden egg. He accidentally drops the egg in Snape's office. Moody returns with the egg and gives it to Harry. Moody asks for the map in return. For his second task he had to rescue his hostages from the Merpeople Village. While krum and Harry go into the woods. Harry went to get Dumbledore. When he returned Mr. Crouch was gone and he stunned Krum. While Harry was in class he had a dream of Voldemort. He went to Dumbledores room, he then put Harry in the ddream world . He pulls him out and tells Harry that Voldmort is growing stronger. On the third task Cedric and Harry touch the trophy which takes them to a graveyard. A man in a hood kills Cedric and ties up harry . The man in the hood drops a bundle he is carrying. This was Voldemort's form. The man makes a type of spell using Voldemort's father's ashes and blood from Harry's arm . Voldemort turns to his true form and challenges Harry to a dual. Both wands touch and the victums from Voldemorts wand, protect Harry. This gives time to grab Cedrics body and touch the trophy . Returning to Hogwarts. Moody admits to being a Death Eater and that he put Harry's name in the Goblet. Dumbledore speaks about Cedric at the feast and that he was killed by Voldermort. Afterwards on the way home Harry gave the twins his gold for them to start their joke company. Harry then spends his summer with the Durselys.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." SparkNotes. SparkNotes, n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2015.

Harry Potter and his cousinare attacked by dementors and Harry protects himself from them . He is later on called in for using magic under the age. Harry returns to Hogwarts and is once agin reunited with his friends. The ministry thinks Dumbledore is creating an army to fight off Voldemort so they replace him with Umbridge. Hermione warns Harry , that Voldemort is trying to the Department of Mysteries. Harry and his friends ride on horses to the Ministry of Magic. It was a trap . Harry and his friends try to fight them off. They are helped by the memebers of the Order. Harry drops the sphere and Siru's cousin kills him. Harry is devastated. He returns back to Hogwarts and explains everything that happened. He returns home for another summer with the Durslys.
Harry Potter and the order of the Pheonix
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix." SparkNotes. SparkNotes, n.d. Web. 25 Sept. 2015
Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince
Voldemort has returned to power. Snape meets with Narcissa Malfoy making an unbreakable promise to protect Draco Malfoy. Dumbledore heads to Harry's aunt and uncle to get Harry. Dumbledore and Harry recurit Slughorn to return to Hogwarts and teach. When Harry returns to Hogwarts Snape starts teaching the Defence of Dark Arts. Harry gets a used potions book that had helping instructions. Harry spends his time with Dumbledore looking into the dream world, there he finds out about Voldemort more deeply about his past. Voldemort divided his soul into seven different things . Harry had destroyed some of them . The last part of his soul is in a snake. Harry sees that Draco disappears from the map each time he watches it. Draco is using a room for his purpose and Harry trys to figure out what it is. Dumbledore and Harry go and fetch Merope's locket. Dumbledore and Harry rush to the tower and Dumbledore freezes Harry. Draco trys to kill Dumbledore , but Snape kills him. Harry was unfrozen and chased after Snape. Snape escaped. He had told his friends he wouldn't return to Hogwarts , he will seek the one who killed Dumbledore.
Harry potter and the deathy hollows
Harry packs and leaves Privet Drive. He says good bye to the Dursleys for the final time. Moody arrives to take Harry to his friends. Six of Harry's friends take to the potion to make duplicates of Harry. So the Death Eaters wont know which Harry is which. Harry , Ron, and Hermione set of to destroy the Horcruxes that Voldemort placed part of his soul. MInster of Magic delievers them the items that Dumbledore left them in his will. Harry and his friends go to Ron's brother's wedding. Death Eaters arrive. Harry and his friends flee. They find out that the real locket was in the possession of Kreacher. It was stolen by Mundungus Fletcher. Harry orders Kreacher to find Mundungus and bring him back. Mundungus says that the locket was confiscated by and elderly minister. They disguise themselves as ministery employees . They steal the locket from Umbridge. A Death Eater follows them and Hermione casts a spell where they end up in the woods. They camp out in woods until they find a clue that leads them to destroying the locket. They went on the quest of finding the sord of Griffendore. Ron was fed up because of lack of progress so he leaves. Harry and Hermione visit the place where Harry's parents died. They see and old lady. Harry thinks she might know Dumbledore and might know where the sord is. It turns out that the lady was Nagini. Voldemort's snake. They successfuly escape. Harry finds the sord under frozen water. The locket trys to kill Harry and he is unable to go to the surface , Ron rescues Harry. They manage to destroy another Horcrux with Gryffindor’s sword, and they become excited again as they begin to learn about a mysterious trio of magical objects called the Deathly Hallows. Harry begins to understand what Dumbledore wanted him to do. He relizes that his own life must be sacrificed in order to kill Voldemort. His last act of heroism saves his life. He meets dumbledore in death and is given a choice to go back or stay. He chooses to go back and fight. Its all over when Harry casts a spill , killing voldemort for good. Harry is the true master of the hollows. Despite the lost of his friends , Harry is greatful for a second chance he's been given at life , and love.
J.K Rowling
The idea for Harry Potter came to J.K Rowling during a delayed train ride. During the four hours of waiting , She started imaging Harry. That day she didn't have a pen or paper. J.K Rowling said , that if she would have had a pen and paper , there would had been more to Harry Potter. J.K Rowling said that the begining did not resemble the finish product.

Some critics thinks that the books are harmless, adventurous, and children's tales. While other critics think that children will turn to witch craft. I think that during the years that Harry Potter books have been out ,have changed childrens atitudes. These books have brought many families close together. Despite all the critics , J.K Rowling has made a difference in many peoples life.

J.k Rowling made seven handmade copies of The Tales of Beedle The Bard. She gave them to six people who helped her during the 17 years of Harry Potter. One of the books was sold at an auction. She then published the book world wide. J.K Rowling is one of the best saling authors , she is a great inspiration .

By: Magali Santos
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