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Tucker D.

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Panama

of Panama

Culture of Panama
Panama Education
*Population of 35 billion people
1/3 are under 14 years old
*Lots of family importance
*Multiple generations live under one roof
*Relations determine status
*Children live at home until marriage

April to December
Southernmost country of Central America and is on the isthmus connecting North to South America.
Lies between latitudes 7° and 10° N, and longitudes 77° and 83° W.

Mandatory education: 11 yrs
Student fails a class two consecutive years: transferred
Mandatory school begins Kindergarten at 5 yrs
Primary Education
Free of charge
5pt; pass w/ 3pt
Education History
Bordered by Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the Southeast, the Caribbean to the North and the Pacific Ocean to the south.
Dominant feature: central spine of hills and mountains that forms the continental divide.
Highest point in the country is the Volcán Barú, which rises 3,475 metres (11,401 ft).
Area of Panama: 75,515 km²
1903; country's independence
Guidelines made at first Panama Educational Assembly in 1913
Panama Canal was built between 1904 and 1914.
Panama Canal: connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to the North of the Pacific Ocean.
Nearly 500 rivers lace Panama’s rugged landscape.
The Río Chepo: provides hydroelectric power.
It is 1 of 300 emptying into the Pacific.
Illiteracy 70% to 28% 1923-1950
Was one of the worst in the world
Panama has a constitutional democracy. That's when a government is based on popular sovereignty. Its president is Ricardo Martinelli Berrocal and their vice president is Juan Carlos Varela.
admissions doubled between 1920 and 1934
Secondary Education
- A Outstanding 91 – 100 5
- B Good 81 – 90 4
- C Average 71 – 80 3
- D Minimum to pass 61 – 70 2
- F Fail 0 - 60 1
Private School
94% enroll, 92.5% complete
$6000 on average
The Balboa Academy
Oxford International School
Crossroads Christian Academy
- All follow US syllabus
Education Terms
maternales: pre-school classes
primaria: primary education
premedia: secondary education
Free of charge
grading systems/points
Education Graph
educación media: high school
estudios post-secuandarios y post-media: university
Relation with the U.S.
Panama and the U.S. work together in many ways. For one example they work together to improve citizen safety. They also cooperate by fighting drug trafficking and criminal activity.
estudios de postgrados: masters and doctoral studies
Extra Info
most drop out after secondary; tuition
Instituto Panameño de Habilitación especial (School for the handicapped, teaches job related skills, one of the most well known in Panama)
the Panama Canal College; 1933 by the US; offered classes to military and civilian personnel; first higher education school
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Clothing and greetings
*Men wear pants and collared shirts
*Women wear pants and a nice shirt or large dresses

*Illegal to be in public without a shirt on
*The proper way to greet someone is with a hug, a kiss, or a handshake
*Titles are very important
*Eye contact is seen as integrity

Food & Art
*Much of the food is seafood based
Foods such as
*Carimonla *Empanadas
*Tortillas *Tamales
*Patacones *Tajadas
* A type of art called Mola is a colorful wall hanging with many intricate patterns
Music and Dance
Most Panamanian music is influence by American styles

Music styles such as
*Saloma *Mejorana *Jazz *Calypso
Many music styles came from ancient indigenous tribes
Most dances are religious and have special costumes
Dances include-
*Cumbia *Gran Diablo (Great devil)
*El Punto *El Torito (little bull)
*La Pajarilla (The little bird)
*El Tamborito
Legends and Festivals
Many old Panamanian legends have been passed down from generation to generation and have lessons and morals
Panama celebrates many festivals such as-
*The Sabbath of the Glory
*The Day of the Cross
*La Mejorana Festival
*Panamanian Jazz festival

These celebrations often last for many days and are very family oriented
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No official religion
Allows all religions
Can form religion
All religions equal
Religion & State do not have to be seperated
Roman Catholicism
85 to 90% of Panamanians are Roman Catholic
1 in 7 houses of worship
divine orgins of religions
humans don't know God
Accept most religions
10% of population
Wesleyan Methodists
Base authority on Bible
"Justification by faith alone"
Central sacraments
Kuna Religions
Nata Church.
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2 types of Roman Catholics
Spanish made Catholic faith Panama's religion in the 16th century
Church of Nata
Built in 1520
Oldest church in Panama
saila speaks for God
Work to please
Gain prestige through knowledge of rituals
inna nega
monkey necklace shows status

tropical maritime, hot and humid, cloudy
prolonged rainy season (May to January)
short dry season (January to May)
Facts About their President
Born on March 11th 1952. Graduated in business administration a major in marketing and a masters in business administration
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In 2009 Panamanian authorities seized 56 tons of drugs of which 50 tons were cocaine.
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Volcán Barú Summit
Capital and
Panama is divided into 10 provinces which include: Bocas del Toro
Los Santos

Panama's capital and largest city is
Panama City.
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