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Rubber ducks

history project

Setera Miller

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Rubber ducks

Rubber Ducks When were the first rubber ducks made? rubber ducks today can be molded into any character they want. Rubber ducks today can be made into any character they want. The first rubber ducks were made in the early 18OO's at the time when other rubber toys were developed.
Records show that the first rubber duck patent was issued in 1886. Rubber Ducks rubber ducks in the earlier ages were made of hard rubber and didn't have squeaker.
Jim Henson popularized rubber duck in 1970 performing "rubber duckie"as ernie a puppet from sesame street. For example... Nurse Duck Dragon Duck Zombie Duck Clown Duck The traditional color for rubber ducks are yellow.
The largest rubber duck ever recorded was 26 meter tall, made in St-Nazaire, France by florentijn hofman. The worlds largest rubber duck collection was 2,583 rubber ducks, awarded to Charlotte Lee. Queen Elizabeth the second had a rubber ducky with an inflatable crown. January 13 is national rubber ducky day Rubber ducks are used in races where they are placed in a river or course and flouted down the river.
For more than 11 years oceangrapher Curt Ebbesmeyer has been learning about movement on the ocean tracking the thousand bath toys(including rubber ducks). There is a listening technique called "Rubber-Ducking", where you just smile and nod when someone is talking to you. The Great British Duck Race held a rubber duck derby with 250,000 blue rubber ducks setting the world record. rubber duck derbies sometimes get a bad rep for being environmentally irresponsible, dumping loads of plastic into a river not all rubber ducks are recovered. when a rubber duck floutes in a lake or river its called the floaty force In the U,S military a rubber duck or rubber ducky refers to a fake training weapon mostly an M16 rifle used in basic training. After measuring thousands of ducks the average weight is 55.9 grams. Since the creation of rubber there has been multiple times where a rubber ducks designs such as the rubber duck connected to faucet and squirted the water from its back.
another design is the duck propelled itself around the bathtub. The rubber ducky song auctuly made the billboard hits in 1970 the year it appeared on sesame street. The song "rubber ducky" made the billboard hits in 1970 when the song appeared on sesame street. Rubber ducks have achieved iconic status in U.S.A. Why are they called "Rubber" Ducks when they are plastic? Rubber ducks were initially made of rubber, until more durable, flexible and color able materials, such as plastic, were invented. now that plastic is so easy and cheap to produce, "rubber" ducks are made from plastic but retain their original name. How to make a rubber duck? Step 1 : melt yellow plastic
Step 2 : Force the plastic under extremely high pressure in to a hardened metal mold
Step 3 : Allow duck to cool
Step 4 : paint bill orange
Step 5 : Paint eyes sky blue
Step 6 : check health of new born duck
Step 7 : Place duck in tub The giant rubber duck traveling around the world is on a mission to spread peace and good will. Rubber ducky the song had two follow-ups, "Du de rubber duck" and "Ducky". The End by: Roxanne Baxter, Blanch Romo, and Setera Miller The history of Queen elizabeth elvis Presley
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