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Plateau people

lives in the rocky mountins!

ahmed khalil

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Plateau people

The Plateau Aboriginals By: Ahmed Khalil Here is a symbol of the Plateau first nations people! FOOD food! Here are some of the animals the Plateau people kill. White-tailed deer are the most common animals they can kill. Here are some animals not as common as the White-tailed dear. Grizzly bear, Black bear, Fox, Coyote, Mountain sheep, Elk, Raccoon, Weasels, ETC. The plateau people did not only eat animals they also needed wild fruits/vegetables such as Raspberry's, and sackatoon berries WEAPONS & TOOLS MAP! Plateau people used various weapons and tools. They had more tools than weapons. Now let me tell you some of the weapons they used. The Plateau people used a Ktunaxa dipper (ladle) for serving food, root digging stick, fish hooks, Ktunaxa fish trap, three-pronged spear, and a hide scraper. Those are some of the most valuable tools and weapons the Plateau people use. clothing! The clothing of the Plateau people was fascinating. Here are some of the clothing. First of all we have the Nlaka pamux ceremonial headdress but here's a fun fact Plateau people have multiple ceremonial headdress. Now then lets carry on. They also wore beaded necklaces, beaded moccasins, woman's deer skin dress, leather mittens, fur poncho, leather & deer skin moccasins, fur cape & woven nlaka pamux cape one is for men and one is for women, nlaka pamux leather leggings & grass leggings, and much much more but I only told you the one's you guy's might of not have heard of. WEAPONS AND TOOLS CLOTHING! BELIEFS AND CEREMONIES The Plateau people held ceremonies throughout the whole year to mark special occasions. One important time of the year for the Plateau people is the beginning of spring because that is when the Salmon come out and when new berry bushes come out so they can have more food then winter time. The ceremonies had a lot of dancing and music to summon religious powers to them, but it was mainly singing and instruments such as the bird-bone flutes, rattles (deer hooves), sticks, striking boards, and hide covered wooden drums.Every year all of the plateau tribes which are the Okanagan, Nlaka`pamux, Secwepemc, and the Stl`atl`imx, tribes held what was called "The Winter Guardian Spirit dance' hosted by the Shaman.This dance had to be done for seven days straight for the sick to be healed and it was how they communicated with the spirit world. Now the Ktunaxa tribe who lived close to the Plains people also held a sun dance like the Plains people.The sun dance involved singing, dancing, fasting, and spiritual visions. BELIEFS & CEREMONIES OTHER COOL FACTS! 1. For carvings the Plateau people used stone, bone, and antlers. The carvings usually an animal such as the Bears, Birds, and human figures. 2. Some natural resources were stone, wood, leaves, water, and dirt. 3. The Plateau women had many hobbies one of them was weaving the things they weaved were baskets, mats, and bags. COOL FACTS! REFERENCES 1. www.firstpeoplesofcanada.com 2. www.wikipediea.com WHAT DO YOU WANT! Thank you for watching my medium sized Prezi hope you enjoyed and have a great day! BY: Ahmed Khalil SHELTER! The shelter of the Plateau was not very complicated the shelter they would have is a Tipi or a Cave they find in the mountain and the only reason it would be hard to take down because they are nomadic so in the winter they would have to add layers which would be harder to take down and put up again and the caves would be found in the mountin in my opinion a cave would be better to live in then a small tipi. Transportation! The Plateau people only used 2 ways to travel one of the ways was by canoe and the other was walking they would use canoes when it is Spring or Summer they would walk which was much harder in the winter on the mountains. SHELTER TRANSPORTATION
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