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How the english language has changed over time

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Alessia Francischelli

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of How the english language has changed over time

0ld English
some more about old English
Middle English
Middle English evolved from Old English and slowly overtime became modern English.Middle English was written and spoken in England from a round about 1100 to about 1500.

The middle English language was divided into three different periods:
1.Early middle English from about 1100-1250 and the old English system was still in use.
2.The central middle English period from about 1250-1400.
3.Late middle English from about 1400-1500.During this period the basic lines of inflection started to appear, this is what we used today.
A clip about old english and how
to pronounce letters/words.
A clip on middle english.
modern English
Modern English is completley different to old or middle English.Nowadays in texts we try to shorten all of our words to make our texts quicker.

The words and phrases we use now do not sound anything like what they would sound in old or middle English.
a quick clip
this video explains old, middle and modern English language and sums up this whole presentation in a short amount of time.Everything that you need to know about the English language is crammed into this one clip.
How the English language has changed over time
by Alessia Francischelli
& Brooke mitchell

Old English developed in 450AD-1100AD.
Old English sounds nothing like the modern English that we have today.The old English was only spoke up until 1100 and then was not spoken again.

here are a few words or quotes showing the old English:
as you can see the old English words are completely different to the modern english we have today by the way it looks,sounds and how it is spelt.
The first English language was called old English.It was the language of the anglo-saxons.They spoke a germanic language.Old English only changed a little bit within a few hundred years.The vikings raided Britain from the 8th century to 11th century.there language was also another one of germanic origin.

Even though old English is at the root of modern English when you write down the old language it does not look anything like the way English is spoken today.Old English was spoken and written in England before 1100.Old English is an ancestor of middle English and Modern English.
middle English words:
wight- a person or creature.
and there are lots more.
Here are some ways that some words are shorterned:
your: ur
these words are shortened and mainly used by young people like our age when texting their friends.
our conclusion
our conclusion is that over time the English language
has developed to become more and more informal
It is also easier to read and write even in texts.
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