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Marketing 4250

Jennifer Sheneberger

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of TSC

Olivia Ahern, John Geisler, Alex Genova, Jennifer Sheneberger, Katherine Weider Tractor Supply Company The Scoop: What Matters: Other Options: And the Winner Is: Downsize store size and merchandise
Monitor history, geography, customer needs
Create customized merchandising mix
Increase profitability
Improve inventory turnover 1. What do you look for in potential employees?
2. How would you describe a typical customer?
3. Is there a seasonal rotation for the merchandise?
4. What departments typically sell the most merchandise at your store?
5. Does each TSC store contain the same merchandise?
6. Who are TSC's toughest competitors?
7. What type of marketing tools does TSC use? Manager's Thoughts: How it Began: Est. 1938 in Minot, ND
Founded by Charles F. Schmidt, Sr.
Originally mail-order tractor part business
Revenue plummet due to large corporations taking over small farms/ranches "Do-it-yourself" trend
Target recreational farmers and ranchers
$3 billion in annual sales
Over 900 stores in 44 states
Located in rural communities outside metropolitan areas
Stores stock 15,000 SKUs
Employees have farming/ranching background
TSC provides efficient employee training programs What it is Today: 1. Narrow product offerings
2. Rebrand as "TSC"
3. No change Narrow Product Offerings Reduce amount of SKUs
Stock faster-moving items
Offer fewer slow-moving items Rebrand as "TSC" "Tractor Supply Company" is misleading
Sell more than agricultural goods
Attract more markets Continue advanced supply chain management
Maintain "hometown farmer" shopping experience
Keep wide produce selection No Change Amount of inventory
15 departments per store
Changing farming environment
"Tractor Supply Company" name is misleading
Not attracting target market Narrow Product Selection Questions?
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