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Legend Book Talk

No description

Jack McGrath

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Legend Book Talk

Legend is based in a dystopian Los Angeles
June, one of the main characters, is highly praised by the government, and lives in a high class area.
June is a Republic soilder who just graduated from the University and is determained to do everything she can for the Republic.
Day is the Republic's most wanted criminal that they can never seem to catch.

Day, the other main character, lives on the streets in L.A. finding shelter in the ruin of the older Los Angles
But everything changes when their paths cross
"The Rebublic has no idea what I look like...Sometimes I'm black, sometimes white, sometimes olive or brown or yellow or red or whatever else they can think of...They don't seem to know much about me, except that I'm young and that when they run my fingerprints they don't find a match in their databases. That's why they hate me, why I'm not the most dangerous criminal in the country, but the most wanted. I make them look bad." (2)
"I don't just
I'm smart. I'm the only person in the entire Republic with a perfect 1500 score on her Trial. I was assigned here, to the country's top university, at twelve, four years ahead of schedule. Then I skipped my sophmore year. I've earned perfect grades at Drake for three years. I
smart. I have what the Republic considers
genes---and better genes make for better soldiers make for better chance of victory over the Colonies, my professors always say. And if I feel like my afternoon drills aren't teaching me enough about how to climb walls while carrying weapons, then...well, it wasn't
fault I had to scale the side of a nineteen-story building with a XM-621 gun strapped to my back. It was self improvement, for the sake of my country." (12)
Legend is a Utopian and Distopian fiction
Legend is a great book full of romance and action. The book keeps the mind captivated with non-stop action right from the beginning. The first line of the book is "My mother thinks I'm dead." You will not be dissipionted with your purchase of Legend.
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