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Copy of Endangered Animals Thematic Unit Lesson Plan

No description

Shellie Saenz

on 10 November 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Endangered Animals Thematic Unit Lesson Plan

Endangered Animals By: Shellie Saenz Day 1 Endangered Animal Legislation English Language Arts and Social Studies 8th Grade Total: 23 Students
12 Boys
11 Girls
3 ELL Students (Spanish first language) "Hoot" by Carl Hiaasen Why Save Endanged Species by
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Legislation? Legislation as applied to Endangered Animals Legislation learned in Social Studies Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act Research their own
Legislation Act!! Group Work What? Why? Where? How many times?? Presentations... Day 2 Assessment... Why is legislation important? How can we improve the laws? Re-Teach You-Tube National
Geographic Ehrichment research for an animal that has been
removed from the endangered species list. Endangered Animals ABC Book English Language Arts Geography Science Atlas of Endangerd Species
by Richard Mackay Research Location Habitat Diet How many
are left? factors Laws that
protect them? Threatened
Critically Endangered Location Map Endangered Animal
ABC Book Assessment what can we do? Discuss why there are so many
animals are on the endangered
species list
Reteach National
Geographic Pictures Enrichment research Discussion Day 3 Bumper Sticker and Cartoon Propaganda English Language Arts Social Studies Art Propaganda?? What does it mean? message? presentation Assessment K-W-L Charts Why porpaganda is used Any other examples of porpaganda they have seen about endangered animals Propaganda Video Reteach National Geographic Magazine Enrichment Propaganda Search Day 4 Endangered Animal Poetry English Language Arts Science Through Endangerd Eyes
By Rachel Allen Dillon Poem Found Haiku Assessment 1-2 paragraphs
explaining their poem Share poem
with class Day 5 English Language Arts Science Endangered Animal Autobiography Animals Like Us
by Andrea Mills Autobiography what is it? Can you imagine a world where animals talk?
What do you think they would say? choose an animal pretend you are that animal Graphic Organizers
K-W-L Charts Assessment class discussion Enrichment guess the animal Acrostic Cinquain
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