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Welcome to SQU

No description

Mu'ath Al Ghafri

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to SQU

Summer is over!
Most of us went out the town
to enjoy nature!
And some of us traveled around the world
And we had good memories with ...
At school, you used to do the same routine. go to school, learn, homework then sleep ...
University begun
School has ended
And now you guys have the chance to improve your hobbies, gain your skills and make your dreams come true ...
Also doing your presentation using PowerPoint!
And that's so BORING
How about to make difference
this year by using Prezi and start zooming!
Important places at SQU
Language center
Some of Student services


The LC will provide a
flexible environment
in which students and staff can learn, grow and fulfill their potential.

The LC exists to provide
high quality language services
to meet the requirements of academic study, the challenges of a changing work environment and the needs of the wider community.
So simply, here you're going to
learn English
in year 1,
after that
, your going to learn English
accourding to your major
Students' service center
Student shopping center
The ATMs available at Bank Muscat building, at the right of "student's service center
Also at college of science's shop
Here you can rest between classes, and do some ..
Drinking coffee or having
some snacks and refreshments
from "Shay Al Fereej"
watch TV
Print from "Tedallel" shop
or buy your stationary
Or visit Nawras or Omantel
You find there ...
Printing shop at first floor
Small shop at ground floor
Clinic at ground floor
Stationary shop at
ground floor
SQU Restaurant
Of course here you can eat your meal, but those who live within Muscat region can have breakfast and lunch. and whoever other than that can only have lunch
Main library
Medical library
Colleges of Economics and political sciences library
Colleges of Art and Social sciences library
Can be found on Cultural center
Can be found on College of Medicine and health science
Campus bus route
you can scroll mouse to zoom in and free explore
Tips for you
University is not like school
Involve yourself
Be specific of what you want
Sometimes it became hard to use to live the campus life. No parents taking care of you, not the same routine you used on school as well as meeting different people from different cultures.
At SQU, there are a lot of communities, groups and programs that you can participate with. by these communities you can build up yourself, skills, confidence and knowledge.
Chose your major carefully,
why rush?, you have 1 year to decide. Also while your studying, why don't you participate on campus activities that add skills and knowledge that helps you specify and determine your goal?
Watch other "Back to school" Prezis
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