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Max Bemis

No description

Kalie Jurries

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of Max Bemis

Max Bemis
Max Bemis was born in New York City on April 6, 1984
When he was little he took piano lessons which helped him realize he wanted to be involved in music.
Max Bemis is a singer/song writer in the band Say Anything
Adam Siska
Parker Case
Coby Linder
Jake Turner
Jeff Turner
Max attended a private school in Los Angles and then another school Ojai, California where he met Coby Linder.
In 2001, Max, Coby, and friends formed a band called Sayanything. Most thought it was just a band they had for fun and that it wouldnt go anywhere. Proving people wrong, they released their first Ep, Junior Varsity (later reissued as In Your Dreams.)
Max in March of 2000 with friends.
1. "Sappy"
2. "Dreaming of Manhattan"
3. "She Got Away"
4. "High School Low"
5. "The Last Great Punk Rock Song"
Track Listing:
In 2001, Sayanything released their first full length album, Baseball.
2."Showdown at P-Town"
3."Into the Night"
4."All My Friends"
5."Ants in My Pants"
6."The Ocean Liner Incident"
9."That's That (Do What We Want)"
11. "Rats"
12. "Dreaming of Manhattan"
13. "Sure, Baby...Hold Back."
14. "The Last Great Punk Rock Song"
15. "Where the Hurt Is"
16. "All Choked Up"
Track Listing:
In 2002, Max decided to make things go in a different direction. Bemis attended Sarah Lawrence College, located in New York. Although his main duties were supossed to be college, he spent most of his time focused on his music. By this time, most of Sayanything had broken up, so Max made his own album. Because he just made it for fun in college, it was not actually released, although all the songs can still be found floating around the internet.
Dormroom Demos
"For The Silent"
"Until The Bombs"
"All This Fashion"
"Signal The Riflemen"
"The Great Awakening"
"A Boston Peace"
"The Keg Is Bleeding"
"By Tonight" †
"My Bare Hands"
"Certain Type of Genius"
Max decided to recruit some new band members. Because this was like a "starting
over" to Max, he decided to change it from "Sayanything"
to "Say Anything" by making it two separate words to appear more mature. to create yet another EP, Menorah/Menjora. The title of this EP brings out the aspects of the strong jewish enviroment that Bemis
was raised in.
1. "Walk Through Hell"
2. "You Help Them"
3. "Try to Remember, Forget"
4. "By Tonight"
5. "Baseball, But Better"
6. "Transylvanian"
7. "I Want to Know Your Plans"
In 2003 Say Anything signed to their first record label, Doghouse Records.
Because of a rough start just filled with EPs and unreleased albums, Say Anything wanted to start fresh once again. Especially now that they had new members and were finally signed to a record label. The first official Say Anything album ...Is a real boy was released in 2004.
1. "Belt"
2. "Woe"
3. "The Writhing South"
4. "Alive with the Glory of Love"
5. "Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat"
6. "The Futile"
7. "Spidersong"
8. "An Orgy of Critics"
9. "Every Man Has a Molly"
10. "Slowly, Through a Vector"
11. "Chia-Like, I Shall Grow"
12. "I Want to Know Your Plans"
13. "Admit It!!!"
It was first issued with 13 songs, and then reissued with a bonus CD (titled ...was a real boy) with an additional 7 songs.
1. "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too"
2. "Little Girls"
3. "Most Beautiful Plague"
4. "It's a Metaphor, Fool"
5. "Total Revenge"
6. "Metal Now"
7. "I Will Never Write an Obligatory Song About Being on the Road and Missing Someone"
Bonus CD
Bemis orginally had planned for the album to be shown as a type of musical but the idea was soon dropped as it was too difficult and overwhelming for the producer and Max to do.
Another reason the musical idea didn't work is because of some of Bemis' medical disorders. What was later diagnosed as bipolar disorder got in the way of his work a lot. Drugs was also an added effect to his mental health problems. Because of his problems being too much to handle, Say Anything had to cancel 2 tours, causing 5 of the band members to leave.
Bemis had a mental breakdown in which he thought that he was the lead role in a documentary of his life, which in reality never actually happened. This happened among the streets of Brooklyn in which he encountered strangers whom he thought were playing the role of his friends.
On October 5th, 2005, Bemis has another breakdown that involved harassing children, spitting out food at a cafe, spending a half hour pouring soup onto the floor, a spoonful at a time, and being involved in street fight. Bemis was the admitted to the hospital by an off-duty policeman. Because of this, Say Anything had to yet again cancel another tour. But with help from remaining band members and his mother, Bemis was checked into Menninger clinic in Houston, Texas.
Say Anything had tried to reschedule a tour, but had to cancel after the third day because of Max's breakdown. Max moved back to California and was cared for by his mother.
In 2007, In Defense of the Genre was released. it contained 2 discs, making a total of 27 songs. The majority of the songs had guest vocals.
Disc One

1. "Skinny, Mean Man"
2. "No Soul"
3. "That Is Why"
4. "Surgically Removing the Tracking Device"
5. "This Is Fucking Ecstasy"
6. "The Church Channel"
7. "Shiksa (Girlfriend)"
8. "Baby Girl, I'm a Blur"
9. "Retarded in Love"
10. "People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist"
11. "Died a Jew"
12. "An Insult to the Dead"
13. "Sorry, Dudes. My Bad."
Disc Two
1. "Spay Me" 3:13
2. "In Defense of the Genre"
3. "The Truth Is, You Should Lie with Me"
4. "The Word You Wield"
5. "Vexed"
6. "About Falling"
7. "You're the Wanker, If Anyone Is"
8. "Spores"
9. "We Killed It"
10. "Have at Thee!"
11. "Hangover Song"
12. "Goodbye Young Tutor, You've Now Outgrown Me"
13. "I Used to Have a Heart"
14. "Plea"
On April 4th, 2009, Max married Sherri DuPree of the band Eisley.
Say Anything
Max Bemis
They reside in Tyler, Texas, and now are expecting their first child in early 2013. It is going to be a girl and they are naming it Lucy Jean Bemis.
Say Anything released a short EP in 2003, with 3 of the 5 songs eneded up going onto their following album. the other two were left off.
1. "Belt"
2. "Woe"
3. "Alive with the Glory of Love"
4. "We Will Erase All Life on Earth but Us"
5. "Slumming It with Johnny"
After much rehilbitation, Say Anything finally picked up many new band members and finally began to start touring again. They had a few tours, and were even asked to be a part of Warper Tour. Max declined to be a part of Warped because he said that he was not mentally ready for something of the such. They instead chose a tour with a different set of bands.
In 2009, Say Anything finally joined Warped Tour and attended all dates,
Max and his mother, Shifra Bemis.
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