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No description

kyra steegs

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of EE MEETS WOW

World of Warcraft
Activision Blizzard's long-running cash cow World of Warcraft has been in a gradual decline for some time. But the
loss of 1.3 million subscribers
in the first quarter of 2013 may mark
the beginning of the end for one of the industry's most popular and influential video game
Take it to the next level
Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick plans to "invest significantly in the franchise and
deliver new content to engage players"
The Ultimate Battle

The Ultimate Game ENGAGEMENT
Change the History of Entertainment
EE divided up into levels, each level is written, designed and chosen by the community.

Lead Designer
Map Builder

Each level could be filmed by Hollywood, ending with a master Box office hit
Phase 1: WoW project development

Phase 2: FCCE = KEY
Connecting Hollywood world into EE- WoW

Phase 3: Presenting to Activision Blizzard

Phase 4: a third partner.....:-)

Promoting the Ultimate Game Device?
8.3 Million subscribers creating
WoW the Illumination

Hans Zimmer
Chris Nolan
George Lucas
Zack Sneyder
Are You Ready......
8.3 Million subscribers ready to RE- engage
Are You Ready...

Blizzard Entertainment:

4600 Employees
$3.7 mld revenue
$1.4 mld revenue WOW only

- Warcraft: WoW
- Diablo
- StarCraft

* A Crowd sourced Game

* A Crowd sourced Movie of WoWcraft
Activision Blizzard

First quarter 2014 shooting World of Warcraft feature film

Director Duncan Jones
Producer Charles Roven
Scriptwriter Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond, K-PAX)
Budget: $100 million

Other Long term Solution?

New subscribers
(new young target group)

New and high level of Engagement for current (aging) players

Research demographics lost players needed!

* 84% male
* 28 average age
* playing drive:
- Accomplishment/ Achievement
- Socializing
- Exploring
- Competing

But does this movie create engagement?
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