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No description

Jinting Zhao

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of 2014 BLU AWARDS!

It's a tie!
Human wins prestigious award
"It was a damn fine year for bunnies."
Bunny Angel of the Year
Funniest Bunny
Mossbinky is the latest recipient of the Bunny Angel of the Year award, a prestigious commendation recognizing important contributions to the bunny community.

Mossbinky has been invaluable in providing counseling, advice, and overall support for bunny people in times of need, all while caring for her wonderful warren as well. Congratulations and well deserved.
Saige and Polly finished in a dead heat for this award. As a result, both bunnies shall be honoured for their accomplishments this year in making us go Ha ha, hahahaha, hahaha, ahahahahahah
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Congratulations to....

Harlemsmama screws up again
Lovingest Bunny Debacle

Congratulations to mossbinky and the rest of the Binky clan, as BLU recognized the terrific memories and contributions of Admiral Horatio, who departed for the Rainbow Bridge this past year.

Horatio was a kind and gentle bunny whose lack of sight only made him more loved by all. He had a lovely spotted ear, and many bunny slaves had enormous crushes on him.

In honour of his victory, Harlemsmama will prepare a special memorial award to the family of Horatio.

He is remembered fondly and missed greatly.

Due to poor ballot design and subsequent voting irregularities, the Lovingest Bunny Award was not able to revealed today. Harlemsmama, Chief Administrator of these awards, was sheepish and avoided media questions this morning in regards to the problem. Her office put out a statement later on:

"We regret these irregularities and will work to rectify them forthwith. A new balloting procedure and round of voting for this award will be ready next week, with results available the week after that."

None of the nominees were available for comment, although they all look rather disapproving.
Bunnies show great courage
Survivor of the Year
The Cranston Herd were honoured today for their valour, courage, and perseverance in times of great trial and stress this past year. With multiple family members leaving the herd quite suddenly, the Cranston Herd has continued to prevail and show strength in trying times.

They are led by their intrepid human, 4thrdsclickr.
Cutest Bunny
Canadian bunny Snowy captured the highly coveted Cutest Bunny award, by having a very high Squee ratio average over the last 12 months. Mommy Lovesomebunny has managed Snowy's cute career with careful attention, and clearly this has paid off. Could Justin Bieber be next on her momager wish list?
A fine honouree this year
Uppy Eared Bunny of the Year
In a victory for lionheads everywhere, Lucy has snagged the Uppy Eared Bunny of the Year. Facing stiff competition from other fine competitors, it has been speculated that dad 4thrdsclickr has been plying Miss Lucy with Mane Performance Enhancing supplements, leading to her incredibly majestic appearance. These allegations have thus far not been proven.
Details in Sports
New Flopping Champion!
Flopsy showed incredible form and technique over the past 12 months, leading to the Flop of the Year victory for this newcomer. Fordster, father and coach of Flopsy, has implemented a vigorous flopping training program since she came to the Fordster household. The hard work has clearly paid off. A more detailed analysis of the winning flop by our panel of flopping experts is in Sports.
Loppy Eared Bunny of the Year
Polly handed a thumping (pun intended) to her competitors in the Lop of the Year category, outgunning several other very impressive nominees. Evelien was enthused about her girl's victory, and attributed her success to Polly's double boobah. Competitors without such an advantage were seen pouting and disapproving in the corner.
Roux beat out a highly competitive field this year to capture the Rookie of the Year award. His athleticism, hilarity, and awesome fur captured the attention and imagination of Fordster and the entire BLU Community. The question now is, can Roux avoid the sophomore slump? Further analysis in Sports.
I like big butts and I cannot lie...
Close Race for Adoratail
Edina is this year's winner of the most salacious of awards, Adoratail of the Year. It was a very close race, with Edina finishing barely a whiskers width ahead of her closest competitors. Bunners76, the world's leading expert on adoratails, has commented that Edina is a very deserving winner, as she hopped away.
Rookie of the Year!
Making a big splash....
Great year for lops
Approval levels reach record low
Most Disapprovingest
Edina has won the most disapproving award. Approval levels have reached all time lows, which means a very impressive all time high for the award. Edina has worked diligently on expressing variance and nuance in her disapproval, and has expertly mastered a number of expressions disdain, contempt, animosity, derision, annoyance, defiance, scorn, antipathy, disregard, and condescension.
Darling duo wins prize
Bunny Couple of the Year
Patsy and Edina are our winners for Bunny Couple of the Year. While more siblings than a couple, Patsy and Edina are very graciously accepting this award.
However, conservative critics have noted the increasing liberalness of this category and its inclusion of siblings, same sex bonds, and polygamist configurations such as the Binkies. Still, public opinion has firmly supported the trend of enlarging acceptance in this category.
please re-vote for Lovingest Bunny of the Year!

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