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Taming of the Shrew: Family Dynamics

No description

Kayla Worden

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Taming of the Shrew: Family Dynamics

The Taming of the Shrew: Family Dynamics
Bianca and Kat fight and they have little respect for each other.
Kat must be married for her younger sister, Bianca, to be married
Bianca fell in love with Lucentio and wants to marry him but can't because Kat is not married to anyone
Their father is willing to give them away to any suitor who offers him the best deal.
Family Dynamics during Shakespeare times
Scene Performance
Modern Interpretation
How does Shakespeare remain relevant? Examine the social concerns of
Shakespeare’s time to the social concerns of our modern day society to inform your
response. Thank you and have a nice day.
Essential Question:
Siblings still fight but more often with words. This can be seen in social media like Instagram, Facebook etc.
Sometimes siblings that are the best of friends will fight, but will put aside their differences and get along. In Taming of the Shrew, the sisters never really get along.
According to a news article in the

Even TV shows like The Walking Dead try to incorporate family dynamics into their shows.
Family Dynamics in Modern T
The End
By: The Homie grass squad (Victor, Makyla, Carson)
The Homie Grass Squad
Our social concern is family dynamics/family dysfunction
He improved the English language by adding new words
His themes/social concerns that he writes about can be seen today.
His works are frequently studied throughout the world.
He heavily influenced modern story telling.
His works can teach history and different writing as well as story telling techniques.
Shakespeare is still relevant today...
Work Cited
Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare
Act 2 Scene 1
An example of family dysfunction
This is a video of a kid who writes a letter to his parents on what he thinks about their divorce
This is an example of how Shakespeare's social concern of family dysfunction is relevant in modern times
"Her silence flouts me, and I'll be revenged" (2.1.5) -Kat to Bianca when she ties her up
"What, will you not suffer me? Nay, now i see She is your tresure, she must have a husband, I must dance bare-foot on her wedding day" (2.1.7) - Kate to Baptista abou Bianca saying how she is the favorite child
[Strikes her] If that be jest, then an the rest was so" (2.1.858) - Kate hitting Bianca over Germio
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