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Connection from Ivanhoe to "To Kill a Mocking Bird

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on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Connection from Ivanhoe to "To Kill a Mocking Bird

Connection from "Ivanhoe"" to "To Kill a Mocking Bird"
Ivanhoe is a book written by Sir Walter Scott. The book was published in 1820.
The allusion to Ivanhoe can be found on page 141
Going Deeper
Into the Allusion
Mrs. Dubose is an old, cranky, racist woman. I feel that one of the reasons that Jem chose to read this book is to show how the "Black Knight", was a heroic man who could do great things for his kingdom.
Another reason I think Harper Lee chose the book was because when Ivanhoe, or Wilfred came back, he was disinherited, and had absolutely nothing. Mrs Duboe left nothing to anybody in her will, and left in a sort of bittersweet way.
My final reason for believing that Harper Lee chose this book was to prove that people, no matter who they are, can do hard things, like go through a withdrawal of morphine.
Wilfred came home from a war, and was disinherited for his loyalty to King Richard and love for Lady Rowena
But this didn't stop Wilfred, he disguises himself as the famous Black Knight of Ivanhoe
There are many adventures in Ivanhoe. Wilfred saved his friend from a witch burning and helps his friends from a dilemma when they are all locked up in the Castle. Ivanhoe is a humorous, entertaining and can be looked at in an old and modern way with it's meanings.
Ivanhoe is about a man by the name of Wilfred
At the end of the chapter, Mrs Dubose dies, and I believe that Jem chose Ivanhoe what to portray a happy ending.
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