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PST Outcomes_NABC2013_Final

No description

Hut Coats

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of PST Outcomes_NABC2013_Final

Building an Empire
The Journey to Accelerated Growth
2013 - The Year of Accelerated Growth
Build consistently referring, sustainable programs.
The goal of this workshop is to formulate a plan to build consistently referring, sustainable programs with your current AHM accounts by standardizing care with Alere’s Chronic Care Disease Management Solutions.
The right tools at the right time delivering powerful outcomes!
Current State of Business
Northeast Region
Southeast Region
Central Region
West Region
The percentage of PST in AHM accounts
The goal of patient self-testers in Alere accounts

Set New Records for RX growth and Active patients each of the last three quarters!
Set New Record of competitive IDTF Transfers
Set New Record for Field Incentive Compensation Payout
Constant performers achieved successful goal attainment for 2, 3 and 4 consecutive quarters!
2012 - A Year in Review
Only 27% of accounts have greater than 4% of their patients utilizing home monitoring.
95 %
business reviews
rapid report
clinical specialists
Alere Home Monitoring's Record Breaking Year!!
Characteristics of a consultative sell
Understand their current process
What's working?
What could be improved?
Who can approve these changes?
How will these improvements help?
Who will be involved?
How will this be measured to determine success?
Re-engineering your plan
Answer: What are the critical components to building a successful plan?
Economical/Cost Containment
Operational/Office Workflow
Clinical Outcomes
Building a plan through Office Efficiency/Workflow component
The ABE and clinic should assess staff availability and evaluate where they can gain office efficiencies with Alere Anticoagulation Solutions
How much time is spent in POC clinic
How much time is spent tele-managing Lab patients
What is involved in processing INR results
How many new patients start on Coumadin each month
Focus their efforts on higher billable time

Goal of 30% patient penetration within accounts
Understand why they are working with Alere
What are they trying to accomplish?
Are they truly maximizing the benefits of Alere’s Anticoagulation Solutions?
Have they outgrown their current solution?
Know when to walk away from accounts
What are 2 or 3 specific consultative solutions that you need to develop that will lead to accelerated growth in 2013
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Soha Cardiology Group ( hospital owned)
1800 warfarin patients
180 Active PST, referred 340
Use EMR system to manage warfarin patients
Referring 3-4 patients/wk
Prior call notes:
Happy with service but understaffed and at max capacity with a hospital pushing more patients to the clinic
Holy Rogers Health Systems (multiple cardiology practices)
3000 warfarin patients
7 Active patients, 20 patients referred
100 Active patients with multiple DMEs providing service
DAWN AC is their Coumadin management EMR
Previous call notes:
Nurse and physicians are not bought into weekly testing and site CHEST guidelines. Prefer Roche because they do most of the clerical work for the account.
The Heart Group (independent cardiology group)
350 warfarin patients
52 Active patients
Using a flow sheet to manage patients
Referring <1 patient/wk
Previous call notes:
Presented CoagClinic and believe what they have works fine. They like Alere service and patients utilizing self testing.
A Blueprint for Success
Executional Excellence
Operational Effectiveness
Connected Health
Strategic Imperatives
Accelerated Growth
Clinic Value
Patient Value
Roadblocks to high PST Adoption
Static account knowledge and limited reassessment
Inconsistent standardized anticoagulation solution delivering connected health
Not providing an appropriate or timely solution to improve efficiencies and outcomes
Lack of customer centric approach focusing on decision makers
Foundation to a building a Strong Plan
Pop Quiz: What are the critical components to building a successful plan?
Clinical Outcomes
Operational Efficiencies
Improved Outcomes
Consistently reassessing accounts to uncover issues and opportunities
Building a Plan/Partnering
Phase One - Develop Comprehensive Clinic-Focused Plan
Patient Selection
RX and Follow-up
Training Options
Anti-coagulation Management
Phase Two: Implementation
Level One: Trial with PST (Patient Value)
Level Two: Enhance (Clinic Value)
Level Three: Full Adoption (Clinic Value)
Performance and Culture
SFDC and rapid report utilized for managing business
Business reviews for managing and tracking clinic's business
business reviews
management by exception
account preferences
account protocols
patient agreements
Rapid Report
clinical specialists
verbal authorizations
patient letters
Chronic Care cardiac portfolio
Embrace One Alere
Leadership training and development
New product leads
CoagClinic and HL-7 installations
Alere Anticoagulation Solutions
Building quality anticoagulation programs for our hospitals and clinics
Protecting PHI
Customer centric approach using Alere products and solutions
Driving commercial focus in health systems, hospitals, and cardiology market
PST Outcomes
Case Study
Cardiac Care LLC (independent cardiology group)
800 warfarin patients
8 Active patients
EMR - Greenway
70 Active patients with Phillips
Prior call notes:
Like Phillips service and not need CoagClinic. They are practicing MBE
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