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Spanish 2: My reflection

Meredith Howell

Meredith Howell

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Spanish 2: My reflection

By: Meredith Howell Part 1 Part 2 (First two questions) Part 2: Last two questions Part 3 Fianl Exam Part C Yo aprendido la preterit. Yo aprendido deco brillante y la blusa. Yo aprendido deco los deportes y tenis. Yo aprendido presente. ¡Yo aprendido estudiar! I have learned about many different new countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Columbia, Panamá, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico. Some things that are different here in America, is what Hispanics eat. They eat many different things that I would only eat at a Mexican food restaurant! There is also a change with the tourist attractions that they have in many various countries. They have Myan ruins... We don't! Some things that we have in common, is our transportation. We also have buses that get us place to place! We also have the same type of government (a house that the president lives in, etc.) That is just to name a few of the similarities and differences in Spanish- Speaking countries. I really enjoyed this class. It helped me grow as a student. I really liked that we could go at our own pace, through each week. I also liked that I had the textbook on hand when I needed it. I didn't like that I didn't have a study guide for my mid-term, or study guide for my unit exams. I also didn't like that we only had a textbook to work from. I like having a teacher! That is my opinion, and what I learned in Spanish 2 Spanish 2: My Reflection Some differences between our language and the Spanish language are how to form sentences. Another thing different is how in Spanish you have to conjugate things in a totally different way than we do with our words. I also saw a difference in how to pronounce words... That's something that I need to work on! I hope to learn more about the Spanish culture. I also want to learn about how to say things in the future. Ex. I am going to go to the movies... Things like that. My audio recording is in a video, within the Prezi. Something that really surprised me was how many open air markets there were in so many different countries. It surprised me about how many people went to these markets... They are everywhere! It also shocked me to read about how Hispanics eat tortillas almost every meal. I had a few ideas... I thought that the Spanish world would be A LOT different than ours, but it really is not. I also thought that with all of the bad things that you hear on the news about Mexico and other South American countries, that we would talk about that and we didn't. I really didn't know what to expect coming into this course. I liked that we could use the textbook, and that we could work at our own pace.
I could have definitely studied more. I needed that extra bit of studying, and I didn't do it. I did study super hard for my final though! There isn't really anything that our professor couldn't have done more. She messaged us when we needed to do something, or when something was due. I really liked my professor, and when I needed help, she helped me.
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