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The Man Who Loved Flowers

No description

Harnoor Sekhon

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of The Man Who Loved Flowers

Takes place in the springtime of may 1963 in new york
Short Story Elements
Conflict- Person vs self
Character Sketch
Figurative Language
Classroom Activity
1. What year did the story take place?
a. 1963
b. 1863
c. 1952
d. 2001
2. What month did the story take place in?
a. June
b. December
c. May
d. April
3. Whats the setting (state/city)?
a. California
b. New York
c. Toronto
d. Texas
4. What did the guy kill the girl with?
a. Hammer
b. Knife
c. Fork
d. Gun
5. "....as he swung the hammer the spill of flowers fell out of his hand, the spill spilled and broke open, spilling red, white and yellow tea roses beside the dented trash cans...."
a. Personification
b. Hyperbole
c. Alliteration
d. Imagery
6. True or False. What was said on the radio demonstrated the trait of foreshadowing?
The Man Who Loved Flowers
"His name was love, and he walked these dark streets because Norma was waiting for him."

"The radio poured out bad news that no one listened to: a hammer murderer was still on the loose..."

"On an early evening in May of 1963, a young man with his hand in his pocket walked briskly up New York's Third Avenue. The air was soft and beautiful, the sky was darkening by slow degrees from blue to the calm and lovely violet of dusk."

"An old lady pushing two bags of groceries in an old baby pram grinned at the young man and hailed him: "Hey, beautiful." The young man gave her a half-smile and raised his hand in a wave."

"He was dressed in a light gray suit, the narrow tie pulled down a little, his top collar button undone. His hair was dark and cut short. His complexion was fair, his eyes a light blue."

Love is an emotion. Love is something that is undefined. Love is something that can make you go crazy and do things you never thought you would do. Love can become addicting and obsessive. In this story, a man is mentally affected by love in such a way that it is almost like he is obsessed. The girl who he is madly in love with died 10 years ago from when this story took place which was 1963, and he was so madly in love with her that even after 10 years had passed since she died he still couldn't get over her. This is because he was obsessed with her. Love made him go insane and affected him in such a big way. Just like Dr Shauna H. Springer said, "Falling in love is like smoking cocaine" meaning that love can get to a point where it can be so addicting and obsessive that it makes you feel like you can't live without it. This is exactly what is portrayed through this story because love effects the man in such a way that he can't get over the fact that Norma, the girl who he is in love with had passed away so he would still think about her and buy her gifts and when he would realize that she isn't even alive he would kill another girl in her place.
What is love?
7. What is the theme?
8. What was the story about?
When the young man gives a random girl that he thinks is Norma the flowers, he says "They're for you, Norma...it was always for you... all for you!" He means that he' so hurt inside because Norma hurt him and that he gave different random girls flowers and other gifts and then killed them with a hammer. It even says that "He loved to see her eyes light up with surprise and joy when he brought her a surprise." This means that its the random girls who are getting surprised, not Norma. The young man thinks about Norma all the time. "The young man thought of Norma, her happy, surprised eyes and her gentle smile, and he ducked his head a little." The characters appearance is young, tall, and handsome. The young man walks around with a big smile, buying flowers and acting as is he has a girlfriend. In reality he's murdering girls with a hammer. The old lady with two bags of groceries says "hi beautiful", and thinks that he's in love. Also the flower vendor says "give her a kiss for me", because he thinks that the young man has a girlfriend. At the end, after the young man kill the girl with his hammer he puts his hammer in his pocket, put on a smile, and walks down the street. The young man passed by the woman, and she said to her husband, "how come you never look that way anymore?". She says this because she thinks that he's a happy man who's in love.
This story is based on obsessive love. "Now the stars were out, gleaming softly, and the lane was dark and shadowy, lined with vague shapes of garbage cans". He said this right before he thought he saw Norma, because whenever he see's Norma he gets so excited, because he loves Norma so much. The theme of this story is don't judge a person by how they look. I say this because everyone in the story thinks that the young man is so happy and so in love, because he walks around with a smile on his face. "He walked these dark streets because Norma was waiting for him". The tone of the story would be scary love, because in the quote it states that he thinks Norma's waiting for him, when Norma is actually dead. So its so scary because he's so obsessed its making him go crazy.
- Introduced to a young man that calls himself “Love”
- Falls in love with an old lady that he calls Norma
- Ends up getting her flowers
- He gets lots of stares as he walks down the street to surprise Norma
- Lady finally tells him her name isn’t norma
- He kills her and walks away with a smile on his face
- Discovers his name is love

- Problem/ obsession was developed within the young man
-Allowed love to control him and him into a human example of what love can do
- He portrays both the good and bad about love

The theme in this short story is love because Love had been present and portrayed the whole time throughout the story with the young man.
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