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Who was Kalidasa?

No description

Haylee Hyatt

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Who was Kalidasa?

WHO WAS KALIDASA? Kalidasa He was born possibly 4th Century CE, maybe near the Himalayas or Ujjain He is one of India's greatest writers wrote in Sanskrit At a time in his life, Kalidasa was very "stupid." A group of pundits who wanted revenge on the princess tricked her into marrying him. When she found out he was a fool, she threw him out. At the bank of a river, he contemplated suicide. An observation of a woman washing clothes by the river caused a thought: he could change himself by being pounded upon by knowledge. He began to indulge in intellectual pastimes, reading, meditating and praying to his goddess Kali to grant him divine knowledge. His wish was granted. During his lifetime, Kalidasa wrote three plays. Mālavikāgnimitram
Vikramōrvaśīyam He is also the author of two epic poems. Raghuvaṃśa
Kumarasambhava "Kālidāsa's poetry is celebrated for its beautiful imagery and use of similes."
nikāmataptā vividhena vahninā
nabhaścareendhanasabhtena ca
tapātyaye vāribhir ukitā navair
bhuvā sahomāam amuñcad ūrdhvagam

sthitā kaa pakmasu tāitādharā
valīu tasyā skhalitā prapedire
cirea nābhi prathamodabindava
— Kumārasambhava 5.23–24 Not much is known about Kalidasa.
His lifetime is only approximate.
The dates of his works are uncertain.
His works suggest his beliefs, but it is not truly known what he believed in. "According to legend, he was known for his beauty, which brought him to the attention of Princess Vidyottama and she married him." "However, as legend has it, Kālidāsa had grown up without much education, and the princess was ashamed of his ignorance and coarseness." Sources Wikipedia
PoemHunter He was then determined to become the wisest and most learned man in the country. This is one of the most popular legends about Kalidasa. By: Haylee Hyatt And two Khanda Kayva's. Ṛtusaṃhāra
Still sat Umā though scorched by various flame
Of solar fire and fires of kindled birth,
Until at summer's end the waters came.
Steam rose from her body as it rose from earth.

With momentary pause the first drops rest
Upon her lash then strike her nether lip,
Fracture upon the highland of her breast,
Across the ladder of her waist then trip
And slowly at her navel come to rest.
— translation by Ingalls
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