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Rampaging rivers

A brilliant report of rivers from around the world by Casey Sewell

casey sewell

on 12 June 2012

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Transcript of Rampaging rivers

Rampaging Rivers Best river vocabulary good river vocabulary Ok river vocabulary Bad river
vocabulary rampaging Raging giant calm big wet wavy flowing Rapid Mouth A mouth of a river
is the place where
a river meets the sea. River A river is a channel of fresh water
flowing downhill, pulled by gravity.
Rivers give life to the land they flow
through, providing vital water for plants
, animals, fish and people. People use
rivers to have all sorts of fun including
fishing, canoeing and white water rafting. A river starts with a stream Lake A lake
is a large
area of
that is
by land. By Casey Sewell The river Usk starts from the Brecon Beacons and on its way to the see it meets lots of other towns like Newport on is way to the sea. It starts by on the mountains in the middle of no where lots of water bubbles up from the ground creating a stream and lots of streams form into one big river. It has two confluences and it stores water to drink. Most rivers like the river Usk have a confluence and a confluence is where a river joins another river. The river Usk A river starts
with a source
which is created
by streams. why are rivers important ? rivers are important because the provide life for fish and water for us and for the animals in the wilderness that have to hunt for food and water so a river or a stream is vital for them. Pollution

some people pollute rivers because they do'nt realise how harmful this can be .
When you pollute rivers animals or humans can get poisoned by swimming
or drinking out of it so it is a really big deal. floods happen by lots of rain and the rain over flows a river
however when the rain stops and the sun comes out the sun
dries up all of the water. river bridge One of the longest rivers is the river Nile and the most famous to. As you will probably know the river Nile is in Eygpt. one particular river that i know of is the river Ellen that is in a small seaside town called Maryport which is where i live. river wordsearch






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i d c v b j h f v b i u h v h n m b h m g v c h g s m g h k
v s t r e a m v b d s b f j h v b n m d , b v m k b d j g
e d f v g n b h j h g b h v b n c v b c v b n m v h n c v n
r f g d h j s a k f s o u r c e g s h j a d g b h j v j h c d
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