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The life of Cesar

No description

Hayden Sharretts

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of The life of Cesar

The life of Caesar Gaul In 52 BC Caesar was out numbred by the Gauls in Alesia Gaul They faced 250000 Gauls with only 40000 Roman troops This victory is considered one of the greatest in military histoy Back at Rome The senate was questioning Caesar's power When Caeser went back into Rome he went with his army The senate knew that Caeser had more power now The battles with Pompey The city of Dyracchium was city that Caesar attacked Pompey During this first battle caeaer was defeated Ceasar then made Pompey fight at Pharsalus and won After this win Ceasar had no opposition Saddly after years of being the most powerful man in Rome He was stabbed by the menbers in the senate 27 times, in March 15 44 BC
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