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Subjunctive Mood

No description

Megan Ren

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Subjunctive Mood

What is Subjunctive Mood?
Subjunctive mood is when a verb is used to express a command, a wish, a suggestion or a condition that is contrary to fact.
Structure of Subjunctives
-For all verbs except for the past tense of "be," the subjunctive is simply the bare infinitive of the verb without the word "to."
-Subjunctive does not change to fit the subject; neither does it change for present/past tense (except for "be")
-When using "to be" in a subjunctive, always use "were" rather than "was"
Look Out For These Words!
Use subjunctive mood when a verb is used to show something contrary to fact.
When identifying subjunctive mood, watch out for verbs and expressions such as "ask," "command," "crucial," "essential," etc.
Subjunctive remains the same whether it's past or present tense, except for the verb "be," which becomes "were." Make sure not to use "was."
Brought To You By:
Hannah Chou
Daniel Jean
Megan Ren
Irene Wu
The following verbs often attract the subjunctive mood:
d mand
s ggest
w sh
I wish that the box were not in use anymore, so we could utilize it as our treasure chest.
We insist that he take out the trash.
Subjunctive mood: "he takes" becomes "he take"
Subjunctive mood: "box was" becomes "box were"
The following expressions often indicate subjunctive mood :
It is crucial that the show start at once.
Subjunctive mood: "show starts" becomes "show start"
It is imperative that you be paying attention.
Subjunctive mood: "you are" becomes "you be"
Ex. If I were shorter, I would be able to get the kid's menu. (Implied: but I'm not)
Ex. He wishes he had the willpower to resist playing video games. (Implied: but he doesn't)
*Make sure to never use the word "would" at the beginning, untrue part of the sentence!
Wrong: He wishes he had the willpower to resist playing video games. (Implied: but he doesn't)
Right: Right: If I were smarter, I would win the game show.
Notice the use of "that" in each of the sentences. It is often accompanied with those indicative verbs/adjectives.
Subjunctive Mood
Hannah before the operation
Irene before the operation
The super cute Daniel Jean
The amazing Megan Ren
Look at those guns!
cake cake cake
cake cake cake
WAIT! Let me give
you my good side.
I pity da foo' who
didn't give Daniel
their baby photo
Once again!
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