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A Long Way Gone

Book By: Ishmael Beah Prezi By: Matthew Royster

Matthew Royster

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of A Long Way Gone

By: Matthew Royster Conventions -Interuptor-pg.60- His face was wrinkled to be alive, yet his dark skin was shiny and he spoke slowly, gobbling the words in his jaws before he let them out.
-Opener-pg.13- After that, we came to the quarters every other weekend to study that kind of music on television.
-Closer-pg.20- The bullets could be seen sticking out just a little bit in the baby's body and she was swelling.
Parallel Structure-pg.16- I could visualize my father holding his hard hat and running back home from work, and my mother, weeping and running to my little brother's school.
Simple-pg.36- They got quieter
Compound-pg.16- For more than three hours, we stayed at the wharf, anxiously waiting and expecting either to see our families or to talk to someone who had seen them.
-pg.22- Naughty by Nature, LL Cool J, Run D.M.C., and Heavy D & The Boyz; we had left home with only these cassettes and the clothes that we wore. Wonderful Words 1)Deviated-pg.62-to stray especially from a standard, principle, or topic.
2)Succession-pg.62-the order in which or the condition under which one person after another succeeds to a property, dignity, or throne.
3)Floatsam-pg.62-floating wreckage of a ship or its cargo.
4)Notorious-pg.58-generally known or talked about.
5)Verandah-pg.18-synonym for porch.
6)Lorry-pg.166-motortruck (british term).
7)Evoking-pg.22-to call forth or up
8)Recruited-pg.40-to enlist as a member of an armed service.
9)Mutilation-pg.27-to cut up or alter radically.
10)Implement-pg.35-a way to use something for a specific task. How violence disrupts our lives Figurative Language -Simile-pg.19- It was the first time I had seen a grown man cry like a child, and I felt a sting in my heart.
-Hyperbole-pg.19- It was the first time I had seen a grown man cry like a child, and I felt a sting in my heart.
-Hyperbole-pg.96- He had stopped sobbing, even though tears still ran down his eyes, but not as much as the blood he was losing.
-Simile-pg.26- The group had also consisted of young boys like us, but we didn't care about them.
-Alliteration-pg.152- I reached my hands down and felt the bandage before I stood up and limped outside, where some soldiers and the sergeant were sitting. Introduction & Hypothesis The main question for the book is; How does violence redefine who we are, disrupt our lives or keep humanity the same. My hypothesis to this question was simple. If the amount of violence or level of violence increases the amount of disruption in our lives increases. I thought this due to several though of examples, such as school stops to watch the fight. While, if someone shoots a person at school then the whole school is on lock down and everybody just drops whatever there doing. Hopefully this book will keep this hypothesis true. Conclusion My hypothesis turned out to be true based on this book. It proved that if violence increases or escalates in the immediate vicinity then the amount of disruption in peoples lives increases. Such as when the first town that affected Ishmael calles Mogbwemo was attacked it made Ishmael relize just how much terror the violence was going to cause. It also made him relize that he was at higher risk of his life being completely ended which therefore disrupts his life for eternity, Quote #1 "According to the teachers, the rebels had attacked the mining areas in the afternoon."(15) This explains my hypothesis because it shows that even though the violence hasn't reached them yet they are starting to worry which is disrupting their standard daily lives Quote #2 "He thought the boy was still alive . The father was covered with his son's blood, and as he ran he kept saying, "I will get you to the hospital, my boy, and everything will be fine."."(19) This is an example of how people's lives are disrupted due to violence becuase Instead of avoiding it they are just standing in the middle of it waiting to see what will really happen.(Implicit) Quote #3 ""One bullet has crushed the adam's apple and sent the remains of it to the back of the throat. I lift the cloth from the body's face. I am looking at my own."(25) This is descring how the people are already beginning to break down under the stress of the war and running from rebels. It also shows that even your own dreams aren't even safe.(implicit) Quote #4 "There was only one escape route out of town. Everyone headed for it. Mothers were screaming the names of their lost children, and the lost children cried in vain.(29) This is when they actually get a first hand account of the madness that the rebels were bringing with them. It also shows how fierce the rebels were when they just started approaching any town that wasn't already under their control.(explicit) IT also explains my hypothesis by giving a direct example of how the villagers lives are being disrupted by the violence of the RUF. Quote #5 "That night we were so hungry that we stole people's food while they slept. It was the only way to get through the night."(35) This is especially heart breaking since these are just teenage kids who have to steal food just to survive. This is extreme disruption of their lives. I think it is now time for the rebels to back off and only attack the army itself and the army should stop putting themselves in civilian areas. It also shows that not only are the lives of people that are having family killed being disrupted but others around those people too. Quote #6 "The rebel on the ground was interrupted by more gunshots. The rebels began to fire back. Everyone scattered, running for their lives into the bushes."(40) This could have severely disrupted Ishmaels life by killing him or wounding him or his friends which meant that they would be slowed down. If they had slowed down then that could have made it much easier for the rebels to capture him. Quote #7 "Afterward, the men yanked our torn crapes off our feet, unties us, and chased us out of their village, waving their spears and machetes, and screaming after us."(63) The violence has now even spread to local villages that have heard of miscellaneous rumors that involve the boys. I think that if I were in the same situation as the villagers I would also chase the boys away to make sure that they don't cause any trouble and disrupt our lives. Quote #8 ""Every time people come at us with the intention of killing us, I close my eyes and wait for death.""(72) I find this as a very startling fact for such a young boy to say. My only thought on this was that was this statement made because he is tired of all the war or does he have a disease that is slowly killing him which is going to end his life and that further disrupts his family and all the friends that are traveling with him. Quote #9 "I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen. The dogs began to cry and ran from one end of the village to the other."(84) Is Ishmael worried because he has instinctive feeling that the rebels are on their way or if something tragic will happen? I also noticed that they all seem very tired of running and having no real family to have as a resource to live upon which may make them not care anymore. Quote #10 "My face, My hands, My shirt and gun were covered with blood. I raised my gun and pulled the trigger, and I killed a man."(11) This has gone too far now. Especially with the issue of Ishmael becoming a child soldier and actually now he is prone to having some of the disorders that fall in line with the duties of a soldier. Such as post traumatic stress syndrome or as we eventually learn after this quote that he is constantly "craving" violence. Quote #11 "While we were running away from the area, another Land Rover full of more army men arrived and they began firing and knocking people's heads with the butts of their guns."(191) I had finally thought that the violence was over and Ishmael was going to live a normal life and relax for the rest of his teenage years but since the war was still going on I guess that I spoke to soon. Hopefully this will be the end of the war involving Ishmael and his family and he can make his escape. Quote #12 "At first I didn't want to take off my clothes, but I saw them kick a man to the floor and rip his shirt and pants. One of the soldiers took my belt. Even though Ishmael has finally escaped Freetown where all the fighting is now with the combined rebel and army there is still violence in forms of bullying or pain in the kicking of the man. This book should open everyones eyes and show that people should lead the violence away from children because then they are tempted to do the things they have seen adults do. 220px-Flotsam_on_Terschelling.JPG. Wikipedia. Web. 29 May 2010 old‑lorries1.jpg. Truck Net UK. Web. 13 Jan. 2009 0cce2632e14845ad5731bbddbeb37e2d_crop. cllctr. Web. 3 Jun. 2002 ishmael_beah.jpg. alongwaygone. Web. 17 Feb. 2005 ak47.jpg. Enemy Forces. Web. 10 July 2007 The guns that the military used and the RUF used JG Skorpion (V61). Popular Airsoft. Web. 30 Nov. 2004
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