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Julia Agrippina (Agrippina the Younger)

No description

Rachel Seiberg`

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Julia Agrippina (Agrippina the Younger)

Political Experience
Friends/ Enemies
Likes/ Dislikes
Status Update
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50 AD
-Lawlz just convinced Claudius to adopt Nero so he can be an heir to the throne! Low key tho
49 AD
- Chillin as Empress of Rome because I get to attend Senate meetings
49 AD
- Just married Claudius aka officially the Empress of Rome!! TURNUUUUPPPP
48 AD
- Messalina was just killed which means that Claudius is single and ready to mingle!!!
47 AD
- Bummin cause Crispus Passienus died and everyone is saying that I killed him :/ (this is false)
41 AD
- Onto hubby #2, Gaius Sallustius Crispus Passienus #mandime

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Extensive training in deceiving important Roman figureheads to gain power for herself and her son, Nero.
Roman Empress during the Julio-Claudian Dynasty
Received the title Augusta
Alleged conspirator to overthrow Emperor Caligula
Accused of killing Claudius so her son, Nero, could gain power as the emperor of Rome

Mother to Nero
Wife of Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus, Crispus Passienus, and Claudius
Daughter of Agrippina the Elder and Germanicus Julius Caesar
Granddaughter of Emperor Augustus
Grand niece to Emperor Tiberius
Sister of Emperor Caligula
Niece/ Fourth wife of Emperor Claudius
Modeling on a Roman coin! S/O to the number 1 homie, Caligula, this is tiiiiiight
#famous # love #model #me #nofilter
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Julia Agrippina (Agrippina the Younger) 15 AD- 59 AD
Here's a little selfie for your Sunday :)))) Throwback to before 59 AD when Nero hadn't murdered me yet!!!

39 AD
Ugh so annoying that I'm getting banished to the Pontine Islands
Emperor Nero
Emperor Claudius Frenemy
Agrippina the Elder
Germanicus Julius Caesar
Gn. Domitus Ahenobarbus
Lollia Paulina
Crispus Passienus
37 AD-
OMG! Just gave birth to my son, Nero!
57 AD
- Wow after all I did for Nero I can't believe he'd exile me from the palace that's so annoying. Rolling my eyes emoji times 100
How to Deceive Political Leaders
The Real Housewives of Ancient Rome
Emperor Nero

Pontine Islands
Emperor Caligula
55 AD
- #sadpost Nero completely removed me from power :(((((
28 AD
- Just married Domitus Ahenobarbus who is always killin it in a toga
39 AD
- Lol everyone is saying that I overthrew Caligula :/
54 AD
- Catchin hate left and right about killing Claudius
C. 37 AD
- Catch me on Rome's newest coin!!!
32 AD
-Shoutout to my boy Domitus Ahenobarbus for becoming a Roman consul
41 AD
- Stoked that Claudius is the new emperor of Rome :)))))))))))))
40 AD
- #RIPDomitusAhenobarbus
54 AD
- Just recieved the title Augusta

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