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The Walking Dead

No description

Jacob Schmitt

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

Walking Dead

Nuclear Membrane
Cell Membrane
Cell Wall
Golgi Complex
Ribosomes are mostly made up of packets of RNR and proteins. The function of ribosomes is mainly to create protein. Ribosomes can be found on the RER and floating about the cell.
The nucleus serves as the brain of the whole cell. It is in charge of functions such as duplicating, storing DNA, and produces ribosomes.
The nucleolus sits inside the nucleus and plays a vital role in creating ribosomes and proteins.
Chromosomes are strands of DNA that are found in animal and plant cells. They are the genetic codes that allow the cell to develop, survive and divide.
The cell membrane, also known as the plasma membrane, has multiple vital functions in the cell. These functions include policing what enters and exits the cell and protecting the cell.
The cell wall also has some of the same functions as the cell membrane but is unique to plant cells. The cell wall protects the cell and keeps the cell in shape.
The mitochondria can be found in both plant and animal cells. Its function is to provide energy for the cell.
Both pant and animal cells contain vacuoles however, a plant cell has one big vacuole and an animal cell contains many small vacuoles. The functions of a vacuole are to contain cellular waste and store nutrients, and water.
The Golgi complex acts as the delivery system in the cell. The Golgi packs and transports macromolecules through the cell.
Lysosomes are mainly found in animal cells, but they are sometimes found in plant cells too. They contain many digestive enzymes which help break down harmful molecules.
The Cytosol is like the soupy mix in the cell. It is made up of water, protein and other organelles reside in it.
The Cytoskeleton is like the skeleton of the cell. It helps maintain the cell shape and and it helps with cell mobility. Also, this structure is like a highway for special motor protein.
Peroxisomes serve as lipid metabolism. They are slightly different than lysosomes because peroxisomes are for chemical detoxification.
The nuclear membranes main function is to separate the nucleus from cytoplasm. Like the cell membrane the nuclear membrane protects the nucleus and controls what enters and exits the nucleus.
Vesicles are tiny packets, which break off of the Golgi Complex, that transport molecules around the cell.
The RER is dotted with many protein making ribosomes which cause the organelle to look rough. It collects, modifies and transports protein.
The SER produces lipids and steroids. It also contains enzymes which break down toxins, drugs and toxic byproducts.
Protein is involved in almost every vital function of the cell. Organelles called ribosomes continually make protein. The protein in the cell determines the health and function of the cell.
The mitochondria of a cell could be compared to the cafeteria or mess hall of the prison. This is where the group members would eat and drink to gain energy.
The protein of a cell is closely related to the various supplies that the group recovers and uses everyday. The supplies are important for just about every function to survive just like proteins in a cell.
The ribosomes of a cell are just like the supply runners in the prison. Both produce the needed essentials to survive. The only difference is that ribosomes don't leave the cell and supply runners leave the prison.

The nucleus of the cell is the brain of the cell. The best fit for this position is Rick. He took control of the group and ultimately makes the decisions.
The actual structure of the prison is just like the cytoskeleton. Both of these structures provide and maintain the shape of the cell/building.
The cell membrane is like the inner layer of the bi-layer barbed wire fence that surrounds the prison. The membrane of a cell protects the cell and controls what goes in and out. This function is just like the inner layer of fence in the prison.
The vacuole in a plant cell is very similar to the fifty five gallon water barrels which are used to store water in the prison. Unlike in a pant cell the prison has many vacuoles, just like a animal cell.
In a cell peroxisomes rid the cell of toxins. This is similar to the way that Hershel cures sickness in the prison and keeps everyone healthy. Hershel is crucial to the well being and health of the prison.
The weapons used to fight off the walkers and protect the people inside the jail are very similar to the nuclear membrane. Both the weapons and the nuclear membrane protect the nucleus(the council).
The SER of a cell has many various functions in a cell depending on the type. This is most closely related to Rick because nobody does more for the group than Rick. He is involved in many different needs of the group such as leadership, security, supply runs, and farming.
Carol's role in educating the children is just like the chromosomes in a cell. DNA is genetic material which a cell needs to survive. Carol is teaching the children what they need to know to survive just like the DNA.
The cell wall is like the outside layer of the bi-layer fence that surrounds the prison. Just like the cell wall, the outside layer of fence keeps the prison in shape.
The cytosol makes up most of the inside of the cell. In the prison the grounds and the cell blocks make up almost all of the inside of the prison.
The RER is very similar to the series of passage ways that go all around the prison. Just like the RER collects and transports protein through out the cell, the passage ways collect and transport goods and materials through out the prison.
The main function of vesicles is to transport protein and and molecules around the cell.This is similar to the role of vehicles in the walking dead.They transport people to where they need to go.
Lysosomes in the cell are the main digestive organelle. They produce digestive enzymes and protect the cell from harmful substances. This is similar in the way the guards of the prison protect the prison and get rid of things that pose a threat to the prison.
The Golgi complex acts as the delivery system in the cell. This can relate to the way that Hershel delivers medicine to the people of the prison. Hershel was responsible for delivering treatment to anybody who needs medical attention.
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