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Social Media and Non-Profit Organizations

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Taylor Mobley

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Social Media and Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Non-Profit Organizations often represent CAUSES The goal is to make the issues personal To take us from... to to to give the issues a face What's more personal than Social Media? SHARING It's all about Stories
Videos Why Should Non-Profits Use Social Media? 1. It's Free $$$ The most popular resources are free to use, which is great for organizations without profit to spend on big time PR 2. Opportunity for feedback and response Non-Profits are dependent on support from their followers Social Media gives supporters an opportunity to respond & comment on issues & problems. 3. Capacity Social media provides a huge market
with the capacity to reach millions of people. It reaches people where they are... ONLINE 400 Million Users on Facebook 75 Million Users on Twitter 50 Million Tweets per day over 2 Billion Views per day on
YouTube 24 hours of video uploaded
every minute 4. Online Giving Most Non-Profit Organizations rely on supporter donations & fundraising for funding. Social Media cuts down on the hassel & paperwork associated with traditional donation methods. Text-to-Donate Followers are able to choose to follow Organizations they care about. They then choose how to share the info they care about by sharing, reposting, retweeting, blogging, etc. PayPal Facebook
Causes Examples of
Social Media at work Organizations like World Vision encourage supporters to change their profile picture to promote campaigns. Invisible Children had followers make YouTube videos addressed to celebreties for their "Rescue" Event Blood:Water Mission uses Twitter to find volunteers As your birthday approaches, Facebook Causes encourages you to use your birthday to fundraise for causes you "like". Overall, the key to using social media in non-profit is telling your storie, of what you are doing and who is doing it. Charity Water uses
Google Maps & Places
to make giving more personal by
donors to see exactly
which wells their money
is funding through
satellite imagery. all done electronically Causes need supporters
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