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TTT Summer 2013

Kickoff 06/04/13

Kevin Johnson

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of TTT Summer 2013

What barriers to an inclusive learning environment currently exist within your classes?
When Bias Goes Bad
Iceberg Model of Culture
How incorporating universal design learning (UDL) principles can increase success for all of your students
3) Connecting the Dots:
Explore how using a combination of modalities and teaching methods can help your students learn more
2) The Multimodal Approach to Presenting Information:
How creating a safe and inclusive learning environment can help students to be more engaged
1) Open Systems Thrive while Closed Systems Die:
Diversity & Inclusion are integral to the mission which requires that all of us contribute to building a community with a climate of openness and respect.
Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
What strategies have you used to minimize bias?
Bias  Influences judgment

How might this affect your judgment in assessing ones performance?
Increase Awareness of your own
Unconscious Biases
Pain and reactions to discrimination activate exact same regions of the brain

The brain is then occupied with these “pain” signals
What happens when the learning environment
Is not safe?
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