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Purchase Behavior towards Organic Cosmetics Products

No description

Fatin Zahir

on 26 December 2013

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Transcript of Purchase Behavior towards Organic Cosmetics Products

Purchase Behavior towards Organic Cosmetics Products
Presented by:
Fatin binti Mohammad Zahir
Supervised by:
Prof Dr Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid
Literature Review
The use of cosmetics provides a powerful and easy way to modify appearance and the messages sent by that appearance (Graham & Jouhar, 1983)

Research Objectives
To identify the most preferred organic cosmetics products among consumer
To determine the relationship between the factors of marketing mix towards the purchase behavior of organic cosmetics
To identify the most significance factor of marketing mix towards the purchase behavior of organic cosmetics

Literature Review
Finding & Discussion
Conclusion & Recommendation
Organic products are produced without the use of pesticides, synthetic chemicals and against animal testing (Prothero and McDonagh, 1992).
Todd (2004) stressed that consumption of personal care products which satisfies the beauty and general appearance care will impact the purchasing behavior
Kotler and Armstrong (2006) explained that marketing mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools which helps the firm by blending the elements to produce the response towards the needs and wants of the target market.
Research Design
Conclusive Research Design
Conceptual Research Framework
Faculty of Management
Method for Data Analysis
Mean and Standard Deviation
Pearson Correlation Coefficient
Multiple Regression

Descriptive Research
Cross-sectional Design
105 respondents
A ratio between 15 and 20 observations for each independent variable (Hair et al., 1998)
Research Instrument
Adopted from,
Objective 3
Validity Test
Reliability Test
Objective 1
Objective 2
Based on Main Findings
Future Research
Enhance the product quality
Enhance the promotion strategy
More variables
Bigger population
Thank You
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