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King Tut's Pyramid

mysteries of king tut

telsey carmain

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of King Tut's Pyramid

KING TUT"S MURDER Was King Tut Really Murdered? King Tut's Pyramid King Tut's Treasures THE CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS * King Tut might have been murdered by a guy named Ay. * Ay killed Tut to gain his spot in the throne. KING TUT"S MURDER
* Carnarvon's son said that his fathers favorite dog (Susie) died at the same time his father did.
* But Carnarvon's son couldn't have actually known that the deaths had happened at the same time because he was in India at the time of his father's and Susie's death. Why Did King Tut Get Murdered? * King Tut got murdered because Ay wanted tut's spot in the throne. * After Ay killed Tut He rushed Tut's burial so no one caught him. Tut's throne Tut's throne Tut's throne Tut's throne Tut's throne This is what Susie looked like THE CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS *Press said that “the spirit of an Egyptian prince took over a husband (in London) and killed his wife after he bought a egyptian statue”.
* Police found though that the husband had never bought an egyptian statue, and that he was guilty of murder.

*A photo was published of King Tut’s canopic jars. In a caption for the pictures, it said that on one of the jars it said “For those who enter this sacred tomb, the wings of death will visit them quickly”.
* Archiologists figured out what it said on the canopic jars, and it said nothing about death. The Curse Of The Pharaohs *Supposedly the script on a mud brick (in front of a statue of Anubis) read, “I (Anubis) will kill all of those who cross the threshold into the sacred precincts of the royal kings . . .”
* Archiologists searched for this mud brick but could not find it. This is a picture of Anubis and Bastet King Tut Fighting Ay. * King Tut's death mask was a solid 250 pounds. * This is 250 lbs. of gold how could he breathe... oh wait he's dead! The only room in King Tut's tomb that was robbed, was the Antechamber. All the other rooms were safe from robbers. Here are some of the many treasures found in Tut's tomb. This is an image if Anubis and Bastet * King Tut's death mask is known to be the most beautiful. King Tut's intire sarcophagus wieghed around 3,500 lbs. This is a picture of Lord Carnarvon opening Tut's sarcophagus. Layers of the sarcophagus:
1. Outer most- Stone
2. Middle- Gold plated
3. Inner most- Solid Gold
4. Death mask- Solid Gold This is one of the many chariots found in Tut's tomb. He had many Chariots for the after life because he was an avid hunter.
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