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Australia between the Wars

Important events and imformation about significant people in Australia during World War I and World War II.

Peter Phan

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Australia between the Wars

Australia between the Wars Peter Phan Opening of the Harbour Bridge Background Information Features of the Harbour Bridge The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened March 19th 1932 Premier Jack Lang 6 years of construction Made the decision to construct the Harbour Bridge Australias most well known landmark The worlds largest steel arch bridge The Sydney Harbour Bridge The Sydney Harbour Bridge is made of steel. The Bridge has HUGE hinges to absorb the exspansion caused by the heat of the sun. There are 6 million hand-driven rivets contained in the bridge. Rivets The height of the top of the arch
is 134m above sea level. Dimensions The width of the deck is 49m. The total length of the bridge
is 1149 metres. Questions Outline the main features and/or developments of the chosen events Construction of the Harbour Bridge started in 1924 The Harbour Bridge today The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a steel arch
with two abundent towers at each end of bridge. Explain the significance of the event to Australian history. The bridge is dark grey. The Harbour Bridge costed $4.2million to put in place. It took 8 years to build. It was built by 1400 men. Significance of the Harbour Bridge Development of the Harbour Bridge The construction of the harbour bridge began in 1926. The bridge was built from both sides that would lead to the middle. The bridge began to develop in 1928. The base of the bridge was created and the sides started to curve. The constructors finally completed the steel arch bridge
but still needed the road. In order to make the road they
started from the highest point of the bridge and used cranes
and ropes to build it down to the center. The Harbour Bridge was completed in 1931 with the two pillars at
each end, the arch and the road. The Harbour Bridge was declared open when the Premier Jack Lang officially cut the ribbon.
16 constructers lost their lives to building the bridge. Opening the Harbour Bridge The Harbour Bridge is significant to Australian history because
it is known to be the worlds greatest steel arch. It is significant to
Australian history because it shows our country as a rising nation.
The strong and inspiring form of the bridge gave the idea of strength and success. This approved not only to Australia but also to England.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge helped to create a wonderful celebration during the Great Deppression from 1929-1932. It also shows that people in Australia have great pride for their country.

When the Harbour Bridge was having the opening ceremony, Premier Jack Lang was about to cut the ribbon when Francis De Groot rode on his horse and used his sword to slash the ribbon before he could. Francis De Groot was a member of the New Guard. He declared it open"in the name of the decent and respectable people of New South Wales". This event was significant because it marked the most famous act of resistance to the government by the New Guard.

This event is not only significant because of Australian spirit but because it reminds us of the times it was built in which was filled with political and economic uncertainty. Officially opened the Harbour Bridge. Primary & Secondary Sources "Development of the Harbour Bridge" Photos ( Primary Sources) "Opening of the Harbour Bridge" Photo ( Primary Source) "in the name of the decent and respectable people of New South Wales"
( Primary Source) Bibliography (Author not mentioned). The Sydney Harbour Bridge. [Internet](Unknown Publisher) Available from: http://www.sydneyharbourbridge.info/ [19/4/11] D.Ellyard and R. Wraxworthy(2006)The Significance Of The Sydney Harbour Bridge Opening.[Internet] Available from: http://www.madnotes.com/essays/The-Significance-Of-The-Sydney-Harbour-Bridge-Opening/1265.html The Bridge. (2005) Peter and Sue Lalor [Book] This is a video of the opening ceremony of the harbour bridge. THANKYOU FOR WATCHING
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