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sami archer

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Conic Sections Sami Archer 1. Measure the length of the bottom of the box with a ruler. Divide this point by 2 to get the midpoint.
2. Assign an ordered pair to this midpoint. You may use the origin or another ordered pair.
3.Along one face of the box, draw a line perpendicular to the midpoint. Measure this line.
4. Based on the ordered pair assigned to the midpoint, establish the ordered pairs for the top left and top right corners of the box.
*Top left corner x-coordinate: subtract the distance from the midpoint to the end of the box from the x-coordinate of the midpoint.
*Top left corner y-coordinate: add the distance from the midpoint to the top of the box to the y-coordinate of the midpoint.
*Top right corner x-coordinate: add the distance from the midpoint to the end of the box to the x-coordinate of the midpoint.
*Top right corner y-coordinate: add the distance from the midpoint to the top of the box y-coordinate of the midpoint.
5. Draw a parabola on one face of the box with a vertex at the midpoint of the bottom edge of the box and which passes through the top left and right corners.
6. Find the focus of the parabola using the general form of a parabola y = a(x -h)^2 = k. The focus of a parabola is represented by the ordered pair (h, k + c). To find the value of c, recall that a = (1 / 4c). Substitute the ordered pair of either corner of the box for x and y in the parabolic equation. The midpoint of (h, k) will be substituted for the variables h and k in the equation Then, solve for c.
7. Place the aluminum foil inside the box and shape it so it matches the parabola drawn on the outside of the box.
8. At the focus, poke the wire hanger through the box. Be sure the hanger goes through both sides.
9. Spear the hot dog or zucchini with the wire. Place the box in a sunny place and watch the food cook. In this activity I learned that when sunlight hits any point of a parabola, it will always be reflected to the focus. I enjoyed this activity because it helped me learn about parabolas in a real life situation. A strength I have when it comes to conic sections would be identifying the conic section based on the graph, a weakness is that I have trouble identifying the conic section based on the equation. Homemade
Solar Cooker 1. Ellipse
2. Hyperbola
3. Hyperbola
4. Ellipse
5. Hyperbola
6. Parabola
7. Ellipse
8. Circle
9. Parabola
10. Hyperbola Data! Procedure Conclusion Part One What was cooked? A hotdog!

Why was the food placed at the focus? When the food is at the focus that means that no matter where the sun hits the tin foil, it will reflect to the focus point.

What might happen if the food is placed anywhere other than the focus? If the food is placed somewhere else it may be cooked unevenly or not cook at all.

How long did it take my food to cook? It took about 35 minutes because it wasn't completely sunny.

Did it taste good? It tasted okay, not like it was on the grill.

What are the benefits of using solar cookers? They are much more energy efficient than other forms of cooking.

What are the limitations? When the sun is not out, there is no way to cook. It also takes much longer to cook this way. Materials Needed: *box w/ open top
*hot dog of zucchini
*wire coat hanger
*aluminum foil
*paper towels
*ruler 6.5 in. 6.5 in. 5 in. (6.5, 5) (-6.5, 5) (0, 0) (0, 2.5) Equation:
y= 0.1(x-0)^(2)+0
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