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No description

Thorin Richardson

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Transformers

July 4th 2007 Transformers The call to adventure Refusal to the call Atonement with the father Freedom to Live The call to adventure is when Sams brand new car transformes into an Autobot. Supernatural Aid After Sam realizes that his car is an alien robot (or Autobot) he runs away from it on his mothers pink bike. Introduction/Summery Conclusion Crossing the First threshold Sam is chased into
a parking lot by
a decepticon, who is
transformed as a police
car tries to interrogate
him but is unsuccessful. Shortly after, he continues running away and meets up with Mikeala the decepticon is now trying to kill them. Luckily for Sam Bumble Bee
was there to save him. Meeting with the goddess This stage occurs when Sam see's Optimus for the first time after all the Autobots fall from the sky. Temptation When sector 7, FBI,
and SWAT take
down Bumble Bee
and arrest Sam and
Mikeala. This happens when
Bumble Bee gives Sam the
all spark, and all the Decepticons
come to fight for it. Ultimate Boon The ultimate boon happens
when Sam puts the cube in
Megatrons chest thus destroying the cube and ending the war. This happens after the war
when everyone continues
on with there lives before
the autobots. The Autobots have fallen down to earth for one sole reason, to find the allspark. But this in turn starts a war between them and there counter parts, the Decepticons.
They initially try to find a boy named Sam not for him but for his famous grand fathers glasses which have the coordinates of the cube engraved on the lenses. Here is what Optimus said during the start of the film. At the end of the movie most has stayed the same; except the Autobots remain on earth to help,protect. Because theres more to us then meets the eye. Magic Flight This scene is happening during the war at the end of the movie.
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