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Rios (Happa Studios)

No description

Qazi Omar Farooq

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Rios (Happa Studios)

- A complete Beauty Shop

- Cosmetics, Toiletries, Undergarments

Performance since joining Facebook (06/21/2013):
* 36 talking about this
* 3.5 likes per day

Our Clients on Facebook
Facebook Demographic
Thank You
How to become a Star Brand on Facebook?
- What is the Secret Formula?
- Content
- Design
- Creativity
- Advertisements
- User Engagement
- Contests
- Addressing to Queries
- Conversations...
- Attention to Detail with Clients
Beauty Week
Events: Eid / Weddings
- Use Pinterest / moodboards – Fashion/Latest trends/Make up/ Tips

- Bridging Online / Offline Divide
- Every Post updated does not get shared with all fans

- 'Page Likes' is just one metric

- Posts need to be made with calculation and precision:
* Time of Post
* Most effective day of the week
* Engaging keywords
- Focus on Weddings Season
(October – January)

- A Special Wedding Package - Promoted on Facebook

- Eid Packages and Designer Mehndi Stalls

- A beauty week hosted at Rios Store

- Invite potential customers via Facebook

- Free makeup consultation

- Product recommendation

- Product Samples
Customer Testimonials
Selling a Lifestyle
Page - Edge Rank
- Satisfied customers show appreciation

- Our clients are our best advertisement

- Celebrities or Make up artists
* ‘Weekly Pick’ or
* ‘Lipstick Shade of the Week’
- Product Push has its' limitations

- Beauty Tips

- "Quotes" and "Sayings"

- 2,179,280 Pakistanis "like" Fashion Pages

- Nearly 30% Pakistani Facebook users are women

- Of which 6.5 lacs are Single Women
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