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8 Poems to Prove You are Better Without Him

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Kelsey Buchanan

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of 8 Poems to Prove You are Better Without Him

8 Poems to Prove You are Better Without Him
In the Praise of their Divorce- Tony Hoagland
And when I heard about the divorce of my friends,
I couldn't help but be proud of them,
that man and that woman setting off in different directions
like pilgrims in a proverb
-him to buy his very own toaster oven,
her seeking a prescription for sleeping pills.
Let us keep in mind the hidden forces
which had struggled underground for years
to push their way to the surface—and that finally did,
cracking the crust, moving the plates of earth apart,
releasing the pent-up energy required
for them to rent their own apartments,
for her to join the softball league for single mothers
for him to read George the Giraffe over his speakerphone
at bedtime to the six-year-old.
The bible says be fruitful and multiply
but is it not fruitful to subtract and divide?
Because is a kind of womb,
divorce is being born again;

You are the Penultimate Love of My Life-Rebecca Hazelton
I want to spend a lot but not all of my years with you.
We'll talk about kids but make plans to travel.
I will remember your eyes as green when they were gray.
Our dogs will be named for now and mostly.
Sex will be good but next door's will sound better.
There will be small things, I will pick up your damp towel from the bed and then I won't.
I won't be as hot as when I wasn't yours and your hairline now so untrustworthy.
When we pull up alongside a cattle car and hear the frightened
lows, I will silently judge you for not so immediately renouncing meat.
You will bring me wine and notice how much I drink.
The garden that you plant and I plant is tunneled through by voles, the vowels we speak aren't vowels.
But there's something holding me here, for now, like your eyes which are brown
after all.
Boys Leave-Author Unknown
Kissing is a habit
Fu*k!ng is a game
Guys get all the pleasure
Girls get all the pain
The guy says I love you
You believe its true
But when your tummy starts to swell,
He says 'to hell with you'
10 minutes of pleasure

Prince Charming-Chris Gibson
I chose this wonderful slam poem because Cris is making fun of the stereotypical Disney Prince Charming. Mostly every girl's dream is to one day fall in love with a perfect man and have a perfect love story. I chose it because this is the real world and that will never happen.
My favorite line is"Before you run off, making a checklist of all my qualities that your man just does not have you should know a few things about me". This line is amusing because it gives insight to the listeners that prince charming may not be that perfect.
Untitled-Kelsey Buchanan
Yesterday I tripped over my self esteem and landed on my pride, so many times that boy has hurt me and pushed me aside.
I have slowly but surely found out that I really don’t need him in my life because I know that he has absolutely no intentions of making me his wife.
He tells me he loves me and strings me along making me believe I’m right where I belong.
Slowly but surely I’m finding out I can survive without a man and I actually think I’m finding out God’s plan.
I believe without him I am a strong woman and I will strive to be like the Godly women of the bible.
People will say she has the hospitality of Lydia and like a praying Hannah they will feed off my warm closeness similar to Ruth.
She has the trust as Mary did or the boldness of Esther.
Being a Godly woman I will eventually marry a Godly man.

Mean-Taylor Swift
By: Kelsey Buchanan

Prince Charming- Karlyn Wong
This is an amazing poem that
reflects my faith as a christian about guys and that's why I chose it. It says don't waste your time with guys but to think about what really matters. "You agree to go on a date with a mate of seduction who whispers, sweet, empty cliches just to get you to sleep with destruction" is my favorite line because Karlyn is trying to explain you're better and stronger without a man and you can survive whether you think you can or not.
Chaos is the New Calm-Wyn Cooper
Chaos is the new calm
violence the new balm
to spread on lips
unused to a kiss

Left is the new right
as I brace for a fight
with a man who stands
on his remaining hand

Fetid harbor me
until someone is free
to drive me away
from what happened today

Don't leave me standing here
If you leave, leave beer.
Wyn Cooper- an american poet born in 1957,
nominated for the Grammy Award Song of the Year.
alimony is the placenta one of them will eat;
loneliness is the name of the wet-nurse;
regret is the elementary school
endurance is the graduation.
So do not say that they are splattered like dropped lasagna
or dead in the head-on collision of clichés
or nailed on the cross of their competing narratives.
What is taken apart is not utterly demolished.
It is like a great mysterious egg in Kansas
that has cracked and hatched two big bewildered birds.
It is two spaceships coming out of retirement,
flying away from their dead world,
the burning booster rocket of divorce
falling off behind them,

the bystanders pointing at the sky and saying, Look.
Tony Hoagland was a poet and writer born November 19, 1953 in Fort Brag, NC. He has won many awards including the James Laughlin Award, Fellowship of Creative Arts, and Nominated for the National Books Critic Circle award.

Rebecca Hazelton is an award
winning American poet, editor and
critic born June 20,1978 in
Richmond, Virginia.
8 poems to prove you're better without
him appeals to women because every
woman goes through a bad breakup in their
life and they eventually realize they are
much better without the man. It may take
some time and sacrifice but nothing is
worth being treated badly. Men often want
a strong woman and someone who believes
she is independent.
Table of Contents
Chaos is the New Calm....................................Wyn Cooper
In the Priase of their Divorce......................Tony Hoagland
You are the Penultimate Love of my Life...............Rebecca Hazelton
Prince Charming...............................................Cris Gibson
Untitled.....................................................Kelsey Buchanan
Boys Leave................................................Author Unknown
Mean...................................................................Taylor Swift
Prince Charming..............................................Karlyn Wong
My favorite line from this song/poem is "Someday
I'll be living in a big ole city and all you're ever
gonna be is mean." I like this line because I think
the speaker is letting the guy know she will go on
to bigger and better things and not have to worry
about his petty little problems. He will always be
the same "mean" person and she'll forget about
I chose this song/poem because I think that
sometimes guys don't understand how hurtful
they can be even when they are just joking.
Cris Gibson is a poet who preforms
slam poems for the Button Poetry
page on youtube. He has competed
in many National Poetry Slams. His other
poems include Tampon and a slam poem
about his daughter.
Taylor Swift is one of the most famous pop
and country singers of today's time. Many
of her songs are about breakups and boys.
She was born on December 13th, 1989 and
has released many albums.
9 months in pain
3 days in hospital
A baby without a name
The baby is a bastard
The mother is a whore
This never would have happened
If the rubber wouldn't have torn
This poem is a little bit inappropriate for a school project but I chose it because it is true. In high school girls give away there virginity like it's a piece of hand-me-down clothing. I am not judging anyone but a guy will get a girl pregnant by telling her he loves her then leave the second he see's the test. I like the line "the guy says he loves you and you believe it's true." This line is true in high school and there is a very small chance
that you will mary the guy you date in
high school.

Karlyn has only wrote one spoken word poem but I think it's an amazing poem. She also enjoys singing.
The End!
Kelsey Buchanan was born on June 16, 1997.
She is currently a school student hopefully wanting to go to Johnson and Wales to major in culinary. She would love to be a poet but wants to make money and doesn't think she could financially support herself if she was one. She has competed in multiple spoken word poetry slams and hopes to compete in more.
I did half of this poem last year and finished it the day before we had to turn in this project because I had writers block. I didn't really choose it, I just knew we had to write our own.
My favorite line from my own poem is
"but me or him won't need any special marks because God's word will be tattooed on our heart." I like it because I eventually want a sole mate I can count on but for now I'm fine with having fun.
I chose this poem because
it's about violence in a relationship and no girl should ever put up with that. If you get rid of the man, you get rid of the violence.
My favorite line is "as I brace for a fight" because the girl knows what is about to happen and in since is ready for it.
This poem is about being better off without a man and how you can do your own thing without one."the man and the woman setting off in different directions" is the line I like the most because sometimes it's better to have some time apart.
This poem appealed to me because the girl is unsure of what she wants in the long run but is content with what she has now and that reminds me of myself. That is also why my favorite line is "we'll name our dogs for now and mostly" because she doesn't know what she wants.
I don’t need no picture perfect, Disney created prince charming. I want a man that gives me respect not a relationship that will be easily wrecked.
The Godly man I find will have wisdom that will reflect Solomon, his ability to lead like Moses, his faith is similar to Abraham when he trusts God to give him his son hopefully our relationship will never be done.
He will have confidence in the word just like Daniel, the love for God like David, the integrity of Joseph and my inspiration will be Paul after he saw the light and he crumpled down to the ground in fright.
Noah's attention to detail, the 12 disciples ability to abandon their own will and most of all God's protection will be in my man. He will not be like the worldly men he will be Psalms 51:10.
But me or him won't need any special marks because God's word will be tattooed on our hearts, when my life is done people will think of Proverbs 31.

June 2nd, 2014
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