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Hatchet Prezi

No description

ian cowan

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Hatchet Prezi

The theme of the story Hatchet is that you should accept and make the best of your current circumstances.
The story Hatchet starts out in Hampton, New York, where Brian prepares to fly over Canada in a bush plane to visit his divorced dad. When the pilot dies of a heart attack, Brian gets stranded in the north Canadian wilderness where the story really takes place.
In the story Hatchet, there is only one main character. His name is Brian Robeson, a thirteen year old city boy who truly has no connections with the outdoors. Throughout the story Brian changes from an average city boy to an outdoors survivalist and understands that life isn't easy in the wild. Brian learns to hunt and create tools throughout the story and uses them in various places. Brian learns to adapt to the wilderness and realizes that to survive in the wild you have to eat. A few side characters in the story that didn't have many details were Brian's mom, Brian's dad, the bush plane pilot and you can't forget about the plethora of fish and foolbirds that he hunted.
I think that the book Hatchet is one of the best books that I have ever read. I liked how Brian learned in the wild and the entertainment of the story in general. I would recommend reading this book because it's interesting to read how he made fire, tools and what he did to hunt. This book is very good and I'm glad that I took the time to read it.
Brian Robeson is a 13 year old boy who's parents are divorced. Brian is going to visit his dad in Canada. As Brian is flying in the bush plane, the pilot has a heart attack and dies so Brian crash lands the plane in a lake in the Canadian wilderness. Brian is stunned from the plane crash and he needs food and water.
As Brian's walking around he finds these cherries that are sour and bitter. Brian eats a lot of them and drinks a massive amount of lake water so he ended up awake through the night getting eaten by mosquitoes, vomiting and having a horrid stomach ache. As Brian was exploring the area he found a blackberry bush and ate until he was full. Brian kept eating the blackberries until one day when he confronted a bear at the bush.

Brian wanted more to eat than just berries and fruit; he wanted meat. Brian made a spear out of a stick and ended up spearing fish. Brian realized that he could build a fish pen to trap the fish and have a sort of grocery market. Whenever Brian skinned and gutted a fish he would put the guts in his fish pen to trap more fish.

Brian wanted heavier, thicker and richer meat so he made a bow. There were these birds that were camouflaged, and kept still until practically stepped on them. They would then fly up in your face and away from you. Brian figured this out and learned how to shoot and eat them. Brian was accepting that he was never escaping the wilderness, so he started focusing on hunting and upgrading his shelter instead of looking for planes and people.
A few days later Brian woke up in the night and heard a howling noise. He couldn't figure out what the noise was until he heard trees snapping and other things getting massacred, then he knew it was a tornado. After the tornado passed, Brian's shelter was torn apart and his belongings were scattered everywhere, but Brian didn't give up. Within an hour his shelter was remade and he had all his stuff. The next day Brian saw that the plane's tail was sticking out of the lake. He remembered the survival pack that was in the plane.

As Brian was fishing he saw a massive wall of fur tackle him and nearly drown him. He realized that he was dealing with a cow moose. Whenever he would move, the cow would come back and nearly drown him. Brian was hurt so he just waited until the cow walked away. The next day Brian woke up and was surprised that he didn't have any broken bones, but he was still hurt.

Brian made a raft and went to the plane. He used his hatchet to cut into the plane, but when he went in the plane he couldn't see the survival pack. Brian dove and grabbed what he thought was the survival pack, but it was really the pilot's rotten, eaten head. Brian dove and came back up with the survival pack and took it back to his camp. Inside he found dried food, juice, a knife, a .22 caliber rifle, a sleeping bag and other goods. Brian also saw an extraction beacon so he turned it on in hopes that it worked. As Brian was feasting on the food he heard a plane, and the plane landed and took Brian back to civilization.
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