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Deforestation in Madagascar

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Bea Reyes

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Deforestation in Madagascar

Deforestation in Madagascar
By Bianca and Qadriy
What is Deforestation?
Deforestation is the act of removing trees or a forest where the land is then used for non-forest purposes.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation
Today we will take you on a journey to Madagascar, the 4th largest island in the world. It is home to more than 150,000 species found nowhere else on Earth. We will talk about how deforestation is ruining this country, and how we can save it before it's too late.
This is Madagascar.
Our terms related to Deforestation:
1. Agriculture-Farming is one of the main causes of deforestation. This is because when farmers need more land, they to chop down trees to create more space. The soil they are using for crops will become infertile over time, thus forcing the farmer to move. Trees will not be able to grow on that land, which is how deforestation is caused.
2. Flooding-Trees are actually what prevents flooding from happening. This is because the roots from trees keep the soil strong and healthy, which prevents erosion. The roots also absorb water in the soil which keeps water levels normal. Without trees, the soil will weaken, allowing water to build up on the surface. That will eventually cause flooding and other natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis.
3. Mining-Digging for coals or any other things must include removal of all forest cover, not only for space to dig and mine, but also for the equipment and vehicles that will be placed there. The vehicles would also needs roads to drive around which requires removal of even more trees.
4. Animal Habitats- The animals living in forests are being threatened because their natural habitat is being destroyed by humans. Animals are forced out of their natural habitat-leading them closer to extinction. If the animals do become extinct, it would throw off the animal food chain.
5. Global Warming- Deforestation is one of the reasons why global warming is even happening. This is because the trees absorb greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. It also takes in carbon dioxide in return giving us more oxygen, but, since more trees are being removed, excess carbon dioxide from cars and factories cannot be absorbed. With more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the sun's radiation is being reflected back to Earth instead of space, which is why temperatures rise.
Deforestation in Madagascar has led to
environmental, society and
economy problems.
6. Clear- Cutting: clear cutting refers to the removal of trees from a given forest. It means when they cut down trees in a specific area. Clear-cutting is the method used to perform deforestation, if clear-cutting continues then we wont have much trees and there wont be any existence of forests.
7. Vegetation- is the general plant life and the ground cover by plants. one main reason of deforestation is due to vegetation. farmers need land for vegetation to grow crops and plants to sell. vegetation consists of land to grow plants and in order to do that clear cutting and deforestation is the key method.
8. Land-Use- is how humans use the land. land use
involves the management of wilderness and environment.
it consists of fields, pastures, settlements in the environment.
the way we use the land for buildings, homes and malls as well as
businesses and other types of settlement. Land use also needs
the method of deforestation to build such things but humans
should find another way to manage land appropriately.

How Deforestation has affected the Society
In Madagascar, deforestation has lead to both negative and positive impacts to the society.
The positive effects it has towards the society is that it creates jobs and helps with vegetation and extra space to build different kinds of settlement. it has created many jobs in Madagascar for people which has lead to more money and profit as well as alternate jobs for people. It also helps with vegetation because farmers have a wide range of space to plant crops and plants to harvest and sell. One main thing Madagascar has harvested is coffee crops, which have been exported to other countries which resulted to more money. It has helped with extra space to build businesses, buildings, homes and other types of settlement. this has helped structure the country more and developed it. These are the main positive affects it has on the society.
The negative affects are that if trees are cut down then there wont be as much trees for humans to receive oxygen. Humans don't realize that by cutting just one tree, affects the environment. also deforestation can lead to flooding and can create diseases that could be spread around. This can cause people in Madagascar to become sick and if natural disasters occur then homes, and buildings will be damaged and there wont be any jobs, to earn or create money. Deforesation has lead to negative problems in Madagascar's society as well postive.
How Deforestation affects Economy:
Deforestation has affected economy in many positive and negative ways, but today I will only explain a few.
The positive effects it has on the economy is that the trees cut down can traded to other countries. Also, factories can create products to sell which can boost our economy. If there was more space, people can build houses and it could help in population growth. People could could also use the land to build farms and to produce crops to sell or trade. The negative effects it has on the economy is that most deforested areas are actually unsuitable for agricultural uses, leaving us with dry, useless land. Also, we waste lots of money on equipment to remove trees (ex. trucks, bulldozers etc.).
How Deforestation has affected the environment
Deforestation is the number one thing that has negatively impacted the environment in Madagascar. It has caused damage to animals habitats, problems to global warming, exposing soil to rain and heat, non-sustainability for agricultural purposes such as farming and ranching, and the destruction or extinction of plant or animal species. It has caused great damage to animal habitats which have caused food chains to break down and if trees are cut down most species of animals live in them, if there are no trees animals would be left with no home. Deforestation is the damage to animals homes. It has resulted to negative impacts to global warming because it creates flooding and natural disasters that affect the environment, society as well as the economy. It also causes soil that has been left from clear cut trees to be exposed to rain and heat. this causes heat and rain to reach the soil which wash out any nutrients and other organic materials that make the soil rich and fertile. This makes the soil to loose its quality for future uses and agricultural use. It creates non sustainability since the soil looses its quality, fertility, and arability. Compared to gassy lands with no construction done it isnt as rich and arable land to build or farm on. Lastly, deforestation causes the destruction and extinction of plant or animal species. This is the most serious consequence of deforestation since many animals or plants that have been unknown and had a beneficial act to our world wont be discovered. People dont realize that plants and wildlife could bring us many economic and medical solutions to pressing problems we currently face. Deforestation has only a negative affect to the environment.

It is true that deforestation has opportunities to improve Madagascar and help develop the country, but people have not mastered the right kind of responsibility that goes with having control over deforestation so it can help sustain the environment, society and economy positively not negatively !
As a result Madagascar isn't sustainable in their environment, society and economy. We think that deforestation can be stopped or at least prevented by reforestation. Reforestation is the act of replanting trees. Reforestation will help with farming and vegetation, as well as more oxygen for us and future generations. Also, instead of building houses, we should build apartment buildings instead. This will fit a better and bigger population, and saves a lot of land for the trees.
How does the goal of Development apply to your area of investigation?
Will future generations be affected negatively or positively?
Future generations will be impacted negatively. This is because deforestation has to led many problems. One is global warming. If we continue the act of deforestation, then the Earth will be pushed closer to extinction. Which means there will be no Earth in the future or the people in the future will be be living in harsh, dry lands. Another problem is that with less trees in the future, we will lack oxygen and there will be nothing to take in the carbon dioxide, which will be filled with bad air creating air pollution.
The goal of development apply to our area of investigation because deforestation is pretty much a need for Madagascar. There wouldn't be any point for deforestation but it helps create resources to export to other countries and helps create jobs. Deforestation has created positive relationships in both the society and economy. It has provided opportunities for Madagascar to develop with its money, profit and people. The real problem is the negative affects. It also helps develop Madagascar since they need their land for settlement patterns, how people want to live as well as the land is used to build houses, buildings, businesses, and hospitals. The economy and society are benefited by deforestation which helps develop the country.
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