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How do stereotypes affect teenagers

No description

Alexis B

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of How do stereotypes affect teenagers

One out of six adults say young people today share their ethical values.
The main stereotypes used today are Emo, Prep and Wannabe.
Women are also stereotyped by thinking they have to look perfect.

Some teens feel that some adults
shouldn't think that they are bad because they are a teenager.
There are many books and movies now about stereotyping.
There are some movies and books you can read about stereotyping in highschool
Many teens aren't actually how movies and people make them out to be,most of them aren't as bad and are intelligent.
In movies about high school, there are almost always stereotypical groups. Stereotyping
How it affects teenagers
Even though there is still stereotyping, the amount of teen homicides has decreased through the years.
Between 1987-1997 the rate of youth charged with any kind of crime has dropped steadily.

Other Notes Connections The main points of stereotyping Point Form Notes Some other main points about stereotyping There are many things in stereotyping that you
could know about, but a few of them are that different races are always stereotyped around the world, whether it is American or Canadian. Another is that the stereotypes that people use change constantly. Facts about stereotyping When people are stereotyped, it never lets us know the real facts about them. One of the stereotypes we use today is called "Emo" but the term actually came from the eighties.
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