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Unit 3 Project

deconstruction of a public service announcement

Arceli Long

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Unit 3 Project

Unit 3 Project Deconstruction of a public service announcement (PSA) "Second-hand Smoke Kills" Packaging dark lighting gives the ad a sense of gloom and doom similar to the lighting used in some horror films Domestic setting the "other" which causes risk is in our own homes Appeals to the cultural rhetoric of the family (and friends) depicts those we care about most being exposed to risk Subtle low-pitched thumping noise in background similar to heartbeat embodies risk Sound of raspy breathing demonstrates cause and effect of risk tobacco smoke is the cause; raspy breathing is the effect Consumerism The tobacco consumer as depicted in the ad just your
"average Joe" not a member of an
ethnic minority not particularly
attractive middle-aged Rhetrickery Exaggeration Special effects smoke Ghostly face representation of the risk makes the risk visible Video
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