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Flowers for Algernon

Lauren Ward, Adolfo Rodriguez, Shandrekia Robinson

Lauren Ward

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon By Daniel Keyes The antagonist in the novel, Flowers for Algernon are the following:
Dr. Nemur: with his arrogance and lack of pity towards Charlie before the experiment, Nemur comes off very antagonistic. He repeatedly makes the implication that Charlie was not a person before the experiment.
Rose Gordon: Rose struggled with the fact that her son, Charlie Gordon, was mentally retarded. Instead of accepting the fact, she persistently tried to change Charlie by suppressing his issue of retardation and his sensuality as he grew to become a young man. In response to this, Charlie has a fear of women and a strong desire to become smarter and please anyone he comes into contact with.
Retarded Charlie: As Charlie becomes more intelligent, "retarded Charlie" begins to hunt him by lurking in the depths of his conscience. "Retarded Charlie" thus influences and complicates Charlie's ability to be intimate with women, especially Ms. Alice Kinnian. Antagonist: The protagonist, Charlie Gordon, at first starts of as dumb, oblivious and painfully innocent. Though, being mentally retarded, he has a kind heart, is trusting and possesses a strong determination to become smarter. As the story progresses, Charlie no longer has such a warm personality and demeanor. He becomes distant, impatient, he no longer trusts everyone and he even becomes a little arrogant with his acquired intelligence. He is no longer a gullible fool. Characterization: Charlie Gordon Genre: The genre of
Flowers for Algernon is Science fiction. Plot: Charlie struggles to reach emotional maturity and feel like a whole person before his skyrocketing intelligence reverses course and returns him to his initial mentally disabled state. Figurative Language Metaphor
' "The university library is my second home now." (Keyes 96)
"He really pulled a Charlie Gordon that time" (Keyes 23) Charlie Gordan: Charlie Gordan is the main character of the book. He is a mentally retarded man that gets a surgery to become smart. He is the protagonist because the whole book is about how he feels,and his thoughts. Protagagonist Keyes , Daniel. Flowers of Algernon. Orlando: Harcourt Incorporation , 2004. Print. MLA Citation The definition of dramatic irony is when the reader knows something the character doesn't. "He really pulled a Charlie Gordon that time" (Keyes 23) that was an example of dramatic irony. it's dramatic irony because the reader knows that Frank is making fun of Charlie, but Charlie thinks they are laughing with him. Irony Dramatic Irony: There are plenty examples of foreshadowing in the book. The definition of foreshadowing is when an event hints at another event happening in the future. One example is when Algernon died. Considering that Algernon and Charlie had the same surgery, Algernon's death foreshadowed Charlie's death. Foreshadowing Question 1: Quiz Time!! Who is the protagonist of the novel Flowers for Algernon? A. Rose Gordon
B. Charlie Gordon
C. Prof. Nemur
D. Algernon Question Two: What type of surgery did Charlie undergo? A. Intelligence enhancer
B. Open heart surgery
C. Neurological surgery A. Prof. Nemur
B. Charlie Gordon
C. Algernon
D. Rose Gordon Who was the first to undergo the surgery? Question3: Setting:
The setting of the novel is New York and briefly Chicago. The theme of Flowers for Algernon is mistreatment and disability. As being retarded, different characters in the book took advantage of this and mistreated Charlie greatly at their amusement. Theme: As Charlie Gordon becomes smarter he begins to come in conflict with himself. With his intelligence "Retarded Charlie" and "genius Charlie" began to act as separate people trying to control one body. Retarded Charlie inhibits genius Charlie's actions. Conflict: Point of View: The novel Flowers for Algernon is in first person point of view. Charlies Gordon, our protagonist, is the narrator. The reader sees and encounters all situations through Charlie's point of view which are recorded in his progress reports. The Novel is written in mono logic format because the story is written from only Charlie's progress reports. Epistolary Format Unreliable narrator: Charlie Gordon becomes an unreliable narrator once his intelligence begins to decline, his subconcious and memories begin to make appearance and interfere with his everyday life. Question 4: True or False:

The experiment on Charlie is successful. The End...
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